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  • Have you found novel applications for our products that you would like to share with colleagues?
  • Have any of our products improved your productivity, safety, comfort or results?
  • Have our dispensers, pipettes, cuvettes, vacuum pumps, or other products simplified your work, lowered your costs or improved the accuracy of your tests?
  • Are there features about our products that strongly influenced your choice compared to competitive products?
  • Do you have ideas for ways we could improve our products?


If so, we want to know about it! What's more, we want to reward you for telling us by offering a free BrandTech® Lab Rat T-shirt for the most interesting applications each month! Simply fill out the form below with a few short paragraphs describing your application. Tell us how our products have affected some aspect of your operations and how you formerly accomplished the same task. (Your application doesn’t need to be high science. We’ve even been told that our PCR plates provided traction that got one user out of a snowy ditch!) If we post your application to our website, we’ll send you a Lab Rat T-shirt.

If we find your application really interesting or helpful to other BrandTech® customers, we may ask you to expand on your initial entry and give us your permission to cite your application, your name and your organization on our website. (Nothing proprietary, please!) When we post that, we'll send you an Apple iPod Shuffle from BrandTech®, with our thanks and compliments.

Please note, reward program may be withdrawn or changed at any time without notice.

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