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Liquid Handling Products

Learn More About BRAND Liquid Handling Products

Learn more about bottletop dispensers, burettes, pipettes, and other liquid handling products from BRAND and BrandTech Scientific.

BrandTech Scientific is the US and Canadian distributor of liquid handling products from BRAND GMBH + CO KG from Germany. This line includes well-known names like the Dispensette® bottletop dispenser, the Digital Buret™ bottletop burette, Transferpette® single and multi-channel pipettes, and HandyStep® electronic and manual repeating pipettes. See below for a complete list of products.

The BrandTech line also includes many other liquid handling products from BRAND, including several new products introduced over the last year. (See new products)

Like all instruments from BrandTech Scientific, BRAND liquid handling products are available through major laboratory supply dealers. (See Dealer List)

Bottletop Dispensers

Bottle Stand

Bottle stand, for use with Dispensette® and Titrette®.

seripettor® pro Bottletop Dispenser

The seripettor® pro is a bottletop dispenser designed to handle a wider range of liquids than the regular seripettor for customers who do not require all of the features of the Dispensette®. Like the regular seripettor, it features an easily-replacable wiping seal dispensing cartridge, making it especially suitable for liquids that tend to form crystals.

seripettor® Bottletop Dispenser

The seripettor® is an economical wiping seal dispenser designed to handle many of the fluids used in biological labs. Buffers, bases, culture media, even sodium azide solutions, can all be dispensed easily. Sterile dispensing can be performed with additional accessories.

Dispensette® TA Bottletop Dispenser

NEW! The Dispensette® TA provides outstanding performance for precise-volume dispensing of high-purity media for trace analysis. The components of the fluid path have been selected to only contain the highest purity materials, such as fluoroplastics and sapphire. Depending on application, either platinum-iridium or tantalum valve springs can be chosen. The volume range is from 1 to 10mL.

Dispensette® III Bottletop Dispenser

The Dispensette® from BRAND has been the world's leading bottletop dispenser for over 20 years because of its wide range of applications and because it has been repeatedly upgraded to meet the increasing demands of the laboratory. It is the first choice for dispensing even aggressive reagents directly from the reagent bottle.

Dispensette® Organic Bottletop Dispenser

The Dispensette® Organic is optimized for use with concentrated acids, difficult organic solvents and peroxides. It shares the same safety and convenience features as the Dispensette® III.

Accessories - Dispensette® Bottletop Dispenser

Enhance the suitability of your Dispensette® for your application with these accessories for remote dispensing, convenient serial dispensing, drying tubes for sensitive solvents, bottletop adapters and more.

Amber Bottle

Amber bottle with ethylene-acrylate coating serves as a protective skin. Should the bottle break, the splintering hazards are reduced considerably.

Bottletop Burettes

Titrette® Bottletop Burette

The BRAND Titrette® is the only bottletop burette that meets Class A accuracy specifications for glass burettes. Battery powered for portability, it handles common titrants, and is fully user-serviceable.


BRAND PLT Pipette Leak Testing Unit

Have confidence in your pipette's performance between calibrations with the NEW BRAND PLT Pipette Leak Testing unit! The PLT detects and quantifies leaks, and assigns a convenient pass/fail result based on the type of pipette being tested.

Transferpette® S Single Channel Pipette

The Transferpette® S is the product of intensive ergonomic and operational studies and the application of innovative materials. They are the perfect manual pipettes for demanding laboratory scientists who prefer a traditional control layout. 30-day money back guarantee!

Transferpette® S -8/-12 Multichannel Pipette

The Transferpette® S -8/-12 multichannel pipette extends the successful range of the Transferpette® S microliter pipettes from BRAND. The use of innovative materials results in a pipette that is light, precise, rugged and reliable. It is the perfect complement to our Transferpette® S single channel pipette.

Transferpette® electronic Single Channel Pipette

The BRAND Transferpette® electronic pipette is independently certified "ergonomic" and "user-friendly" by an OSHA-accredited lab. It is an accurate, ergonomic, motorized instrument that is simple to use. Available in five volume ranges for reliable dispensing of volumes from 0.5µL to 5000µL.

Transferpette®-8/-12 electronic Multichannel Pipette

The new BRAND Transferpette®-8/-12 electronic pipettes are also independently certified "ergonomic" and "user-friendly" by an OSHA-accredited lab. They are simple to operate, offer soft-touch tip release with tips from virtually all manufacturers, and are easy to clean, maintain and repair in the lab. They are available in three volume ranges for reliable dispensing of volumes from 0.5µL to 300µL.

Transferpette® Single Channel Pipette

The unique hook-shaped handle of the Transferpette® relieves repetitve stress forces by offering an ergonomic alternative to the clenched hand/hyper-extended thumb grip of conventional pipettes.

Transferpette®-8/-12 Multichannel Pipette

Improved! The Transferpette®-8/-12 multichannel pipette has been redesigned for lower operating forces, better tip compatibility and unsurpassed ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Accessories for Transferpette® S -8/-12 Multichannel Pipettes

BrandTech Scientific offers a wide rance of accessories and parts for the Transferpette S single and multichannel pipettes. Parts will differ slightly depending on the nominal volume of instrument.

HandyStep® S Repeating Pipette

NEW! The BRAND HandyStep® S repeating pipette provides unprecedented versatility in a purely mechanical repeating pipette. In conjunction with BRAND PD-Tip™ syringe tips—available in two new sizes, the HandyStep S offers nearly sixty different volume settings with accuracy, precision and dependability.

HandyStep® electronic Repeating Pipette

The ergonomic alternative to conventional repeating pipettes, the HandyStep® electronic can reduce repetitive pipetting motion by up to 97%, when using our unique Auto-dispense mode, and fits all brands of standard syringe tips.

Transferpettor Positive Displacement Pipette

Transferpettorpositive displacement pipette is the best tool for many liquids that render traditional air-displacement pipettes ineffective. Unlike air displacement pipettes, the piston of the TransferpettTransferpettordirectly contacts the media, wiping the tip walls clean as the media is expelled. This results in negligible wetting and highly accurate, reproducible results, especially with viscous, foaming, high-vapor-pressure, and other problematic liquids.

BRAND Reagent Reservoirs

BRAND reagent reservoirs are made from heavy-duty polypropylene to withstand repeated autoclaving. Lids are included to help protect against sample contamination. For use with all multichannel pipettes.

Pipette Controllers

accu-jet® pro Pipette Controller

Pipette like a PRO!

The accu-jet® pro elevates pipette control to the next level. It adds to the control sensitivity that made our original accu-jet so popular, and includes many new features that add to comfort and convenience.

macro Pipette Controller

The macro pipette controller is a reliable and ergonomic alternative to rubber pipette bulbs and other manual aspiration devices. A unique valve system provides precise, one-finger meniscus control that relieves repetitive motion strain from serial pipetting operations, and is simple to operate, even by novice users. The macro pipette controller is an excellent tool for pipetting in chemistry laboratories, tissue culture laboratories, water treatment facilities, academic labs, and more.

Pipette Filler

Simple pipetting aid made of natural rubber for one-mark and graduated pipettes. Control of the functions by squeezing the appropriate valves between thumb and forefinger.

Plastic Consumables

BRAND Ultra Low Retention Pipette Tips

BRAND Ultra Low Retention tips feature a patented surface treatment to make the polypropylene of the pipette tips extremely liquid repellent thus reducing costly sample loss during pipetting.

BRAND Pipette Tips

The accuracy and precision of your pipette is only as good as the tips you use. BRAND pipette tips are precision molded from virgin resins for highest performance from most major brands of pipettes.

BRAND BIO-CERT® Sterile Pipette Tips

Sensitive Biological applications, such as PCR, require pipette tips free from biological products that can contaminate samples or inhibit reactions. BIO-CERT® sterile tips are independently certified free from DNA, RNase, ATP and endotoxin for the ultimate in purity.

BRAND Filter Pipette Tips

Filtered pipette tips reduce the potential for sample cross-contamination through aerosols. BRAND filter tips, made with premium BRAND tips, are non-sealing, and made from pure polypropylene and polyethylene for easy sample recovery, even it the filter is wetted. Available bulk, and BIO-CERT® sterile.

BRAND PD-Tip™ Syringe Tips

NEW! 1mL and 10mL size
BRAND PD-Tip™ syringe tips fit all repeating pipettes using standard sized syringe tips, such as the HandyStep® and the Eppendorf® Repeater™. PD-Tips are manufactured from virgin polypropylene and high-density polyethylene without lubricants or chemical additives to prevent reagent contamination. Available in non-sterile, sterile and BIO-CERT® sterile.

BRAND Pipette Tip Accessories

A variety of high quality, reusable, autoclavable tip boxes are available. The Tip-Box SL (pictured left) is an autoclavable, rugged, polycarbonate tip box with an innovative lid that slides open in four directions to accommodate 8 and 12 channel pipettes.


EASYCAL™ 4.0 Calibration Software

For monitoring of liquid handling instruments and volumteric glass- and plastic-ware to GLP and ISO 9000 without formulas and time-consuming calculations.


BVC Fluid Aspiration Systems for Cell Culture

The NEW BVC fluid aspiration systems are designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the modern cell culture laboratory. No matter what your decontamination procedure, there is a BVC model to meet it. Available powered or for use with a central vacuum system, stand-alone pump or VACUU*LAN®

QuikSip™ Bottletop Aspirator

The QuikSip™ is a convenient bottletop aspirator that removes supernatants from dishes, flasks, culture bottles, or multiwell plates without an external vacuum or power source. It is also handy for removing liquid from tubes after precipitation and centrigugation of proteins or nucleic acids.