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Mucasol Laboratory Detergent

An excellent alternative to chromosulfuric acid, Mucasol laboratory detergent is an alkaline, high-performance liquid concentrate for wiping down lab surfaces and cleaning labware in immersion and ultrasonic baths. Mucasol lab detergent features a formula that is gentle to the skin, non-toxic, non-aggressive, and biodegradeable.

Excellent for a Wide Range of Lab Surfaces
Use Mucasol lab detergent for cleaning glass, porcelain, plastic, rubber, and metal labware. Prolonged exposure to zinc and non-anodized aluminum should be avoided.

Suitable for Radioactive Decontamination
Mucasol is bacteriostatic and suitable for radioactive decontamination.

One Bottle Provides 1,000L of Cleaning Solution
Mucasol is concentrated and formulated for use at concentrations between 0.2 and 3%. Just a single two-liter bottle can produce up to 1,000L of cleaning solution.

Please Note:Mucasol lab detergent contains phosphates. Please check local regulations prior to use.



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Mucasol Lab Detergent
Mucasol, one 2 liter bottle, each