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BRAND Pipette Tips Overview

BRAND® air displacement pipette tips are made in BRAND’s state-of-the-art cleanroom, one of the world’s largest.  All rack-packed tips are DNA-, RNase-, ATP-, and endotoxin-free.  Tips are available in a variety of packaging configurations, depending on your needs:

  • Bulk:  Bulk tips are packaged in re-sealable zip-top bags.  200µL and 1,000µL bulk tips are colored yellow and blue respectively with cadmium-free dyes; all other tips are colorless.
  • TipBox:  The new BRAND® TipBox is supplied in a hinged configuration; to make it a lift-off type, simply remove the lid, and rotate it 180°.  They feature colorless tips with a replaceable carrier plate for easy reloading.  Carrier plates are tinted for easy tip size identification, and are imprinted with tip characteristics – which are visible through a window on the TipBox. 5mL and 10mL TipBox version hold 28 and 18 tips respectively, and can be refilled with bulk tips.  TipBoxes withstand repeated autoclaving at 121 °C for 20 minutes.

  • TipRefill:  Filled carrier plates to refill the tip box.  Tip Refills sealed to ensure cleanliness prior to usage, and are available in standard and BIO-CERT® sterile varieties.  Sterile TipRefills feature a transfer aid to reduce the chance of contact when placing in a TipBox.

  • TipStack™:  The TipStack™ is a space-saving package for our 20µL, 200µL and 1000µL tips.  Five filled tip-tray carrier plates are nested to reduce space; spacers prevent the tips from sticking together.  The TipStack™ is available in both non-sterile or BIO-CERT® sterile. 

BRAND® pipette tips are also available in a variety of types: 

  • Non-sterile: 

  • BIO-CERT® Sterile:  BIO-CERT® tips are sterile according to ISO 11 137 and the AAMI guidelines.  A SAL of 10-6 is obtained.

  • Filtered, BIO-CERT® Sterile:  BRAND® filtered pipette tips feature non-sealing filters made of pure polyethylene that allows easy uncontaminated sample recovery if the filter is wetted.  BRAND filter tips can be autoclaved at 121 °C for 20 minutes.

  • ULR™ Ultra-Low Retention:  ULR™ tips are treated via a patented physicochemical process that results in a lower surface tension than PTFE. This significantly reduces sample loss – see the video for quantifiable results.  No additives or coatings to wash off or leach into the sample.  ULR™ tips are available non-sterile, BIO-CERT™ sterile, or filtered BIO-CERT® sterile.


BRAND pipette tips are available in a variety of sizes to fit most major manufacturers’ instruments



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Empty TipBox Stackable Tip Boxes
TipBox with tip tray, empty, PP, up to 20uL, stackable, each
TipBox with tip tray, empty, PP, 200uL, stackable, each
TipBox with tip tray, empty, PP, 300uL, stackable, each
TipBox with tip tray, empty, PP, 1000uL, stackable, each