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BRAND UV-Cuvette UV-Transparent Spectrophotometry Cuvettes

Available in macro, semi-micro and ultra-micro sizes, BRAND UV-Cuvette UV-transparent cuvettes are a popular disposable alternative to quartz cuvettes in DNA, RNA, and protein analyses (customer testimonial) as well as many other applications between 230nm and 900nm.

UV-Cuvettes eliminate the tedious and time-wasting cuvette washing, and the risk of sample carry-over associated with reusable quartz cuvettes. Process QC applications avoid the need for qualified SOP's for cuvette cleaning.

The proprietary plastic material offers chemical compatibility superior to that of conventional plastic cuvettes of acrylic or polystyrene, and may be used with most polar organic solvents.
Click here for a cuvette chemical compatibility chart.

Cuvettes have recessed windows to help protect against scratching and fit most commercial spectrophotometers and photometers. They are grouped by mold cavity number to maximize consistency between cuvettes and reduce variation in extinction coefficient.

Use the semi-micro size UV-Cuvettes for sample volumes between 1.5mL and 3.0mL, and the macro UV-Cuvettes for samples larger than 2.5mL. Ultra-micro sized UV-Cuvettes may be used with sample volumes as small as 70ÁL. Ultra-micro UV-Cuvettes are available with either 8.5mm and 15mm window heights to match the two standard beam heights of most spectrophotometers. (
Click here more information on Ultra-micro cuvette specification as well as a reference table of beam height of common photometers and spectrophotometers).
Ultra-micro UV-Cuvettes are now available individually-wrapped, DNA-, DNase- and RNase-free, for use with critical samples. For a free sample contact BrandTech Customer Service.

Choose macro cuvettes for large volume samples, or for applications where chemical resistance is primary.



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BRAND UV-Cuvette UV-transparent Disposable Cuvettes
UV-cuvette, Macro, pack of 100
UV-cuvette,semi-micro(pk500)filling vol min(1.5mL)max(3.0mL)
UV-cuvette,semi-micro(pk100)filling vol,min(1.5mL)max(3.0mL)
UV-cuvette, ultra-micro, 15mm, pack of 500
UV-cuvette, ultra-micro, 15mm, pack of 100
UV-cuvette, ultra-micro, 8.5mm, pack 500
UV-cuvette, ultra-micro, 8.5mm, pack 100
UV-cuvette, ultra-micro, 8.5mm, 100 ind. wrap. DNase-DNA-RNa
UV-cuvette, ultra-micro, 15mm, 100 ind. wrap. DNase-DNA-RNas

FREE UV-Cuvette Samples (Limit 2 per item, per customer)

Cuvette Caps and Accessories
Cuvette caps(BLUE)round,pack of 100 for Ultra-micro cuvettes
Cuvette caps(YELLOW)round,pk of 100 for Ultra-micro cuvette
Cuvette caps(GREEN)round,pk of 100 for Ultra-micro cuvettes
Cuvette caps(ORANGE)round,pk of 100 for Ultra-micro cuvette
Cuvette Rack(PP) with 16 numbered positions