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ME1 and ME1C Compact Oil-Free Diaphragm Pumps

Vacuum filtration is one of the most common applications used for sample preparation in chemistry, microbiology, waste water control and other analytical processes. The new ME1 and ME1C diaphragm pumps offer a compact, high performance and easy-to-use solution which is perfect for both single and multiple filtrations. The functional, space saving and innovative design with readily accessible top mounted power switch ensures convenient and quick operation.
Ultimate Vacuum: 75Torr (100mbar)
Free Air Capacity: 14lpm (0.5cfm)
Corrosion Resistant Design
Both models feature robust PTFE diaphragms and valves for excellent corrosion resistance in routine biology and chemistry lab applications. The ME1 has an aluminum head and is well suited for aqueous and some organic solvents. The ME1C incorporates a PTFE head to provide a full fluoropolymer flow path for maximum chemical resistance to the most challenging applications.
Quiet & Reliable
These new pumps offer whisper-quiet operation, low vibration, and long service intervals: 10,000-15,000 operating hours in most applications.



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The ME1 and ME1C dry diaphragm vacuum pumps are supplied complete with integrated motor, on/off switch, cable with plug, operating manual, and one-year manufacturer´s warranty.


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ME1 and ME1C Vacuum Pump
ME 1 100-120V/50-60Hz, NRTL, US power cord
ME 1C, 120V/50-60Hz, NRTL, US power cord

Regulator and gauge for ME1
Regulator and gauge for ME1C

Service Kit
Service kit: ME1 / ME1C (diaphragm key 46mm included)