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PC3002 VARIO Self-Adjusting Vacuum System

The NEW VACUUBRAND PC3002 VARIO is an excellent choice for many evaporative applications. The PC3002 VARIO runs your rotary evaporator or other application with minimal supervision, continuously adjusting the vacuum for faster evaporation, while freeing you up to do more important work. It features a VARIO version of our popular MZ2C NT vacuum pump, with integrated solvent recovery in a compact, attractive package.
The PC3002 VARIO vacuum system features the new CVC3000 vacuum controller that adjusts the pump speed, eliminating the need for solenoid valves or pump switching. An intuitive "turn-and-push" jogwheel interface with high-resolution screen makes operation effortless. It offers control options previously unavailable with vacuum pumps, such as:

Automatic Evaporation Control
The P3002 VARIO can automatically find and follow boiling point curves, continuously optimizing vacuum levels for maximum evaporation without bumping. The result: evaporation up to 30% faster than with conventional electronic controllers.

Single Point Vacuum Control
The PC3002 VARIO can maintain stable, hysteresis-free vacuum at a single setpoint.

Ten User Programs
Up to ten user-programmed multistep programs can be entered for applications that require a Standard Operating Procedure.

Computer Control and Validation
The PC3002 VARIO features a bi-directional RS232 port, allowing process validation, and execution of sophisticated pumping programs.

Additional benefits of VARIO control and the resultant reduced average pumping speed include significantly reduced noise and diaphragm wear compared to standard VACUUBRAND pumps, which are already among the quietest and lowest maintenance pumps around!

Learn about the productivity benefits of VARIO technology.

Of course, the PC3002 VARIO shares all of the other performance features of our other chemistry-design diaphragm pumps, like elimination of oil-changes, flowpaths constructed of corrosion-resistant fluoropolymers, integrated gas ballast and low-maintenance - typically 10,000-15,000 operating hours between scheduled service stops. Individually accessible valves and diaphragms simplify service.

The PC2002 VARIO has an ultimate vacuum of 5Torr, and a free air capacity at maximum speed of 47lpm (1.7cfm).

"Best diaphragm pump in the world. No down time in 14 years. Effective and economical system." -Guy F.,Vertex Pharmaceuticals Canada



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The PC3002 VARIO is supplied complete with CVC3000 controller, integral solvent recovery system, operating manual, and one-year manufacturer's warranty.


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PC3002 VARIO Oil-Free Vacuum System
PC 3002 VARIO, 100-120V/50-60Hz, US power cord
PC3002 VARIO, 200-230V

Service Kit
Service kit: MZ2C NT, MZ2C NT Vario, PC101 NT, PC3002 Vario