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Transferpette S Single Channel Pipette

The perfect manual pipette for demanding laboratory applications for scientists who prefer a traditional control layout.

The new benchmark
The Transferpette S pipettes were benchmarked against all of the leading instruments, incorporating the best features of each, to achieve an exceptional standard of comfort in a traditional design. The Transferpette S offers robust yet lightweight construction, superior autoclavability, simple one-handed operation, high degree of accuracy and precision, and Easy Calibrationtechnology for long lasting reliability. Available as fixed-volume and digital models in volume ranges from 0.1uL to 10mL.

- Centralized pipetting button with optimized stroke length
- True one-handed operation
- Brake to help protect against accidental volume changes
- Always visible four-digit volume display
- Completely and repeatedly autoclavable at 121C/250F(20 minutes)

The Transferpette S provides maximum versatility and reliable performance over the 0.1uL to 10mL volume range. Eight sizes are available in both digital adjustable and fixed volume instruments.

The Transferpette S accepts universal tips. Optimal performance will be achieved with the use of genuine BRAND premium tips. For more information on tips that fit the Transferpette S,click here.

Customer Testimonial: "I work in the inorganics department of an environmental lab, and my day is consists of doing many bench dilutions. I was previously using Gilson pipettes, and by the end of my shift my hands were so sore. So I decided to switch all of my pipettes to the Transferpette S single channel pipette, and this was the best decision I could have made.

The Transferpette S is very light and makes pipetting a breeze. I've been using them for about a year now, and my volumes are always accurate. I even decided to switch out my bottle top dispenser to Brandtech's Dispensette III.

I could not be more satisfied with Brandtech's products, they're amazing. Thanks Brandtech!!"
-L.D., Kitchener, ON



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Each single channel Transferpette S includes a shelf/rack mount, performance certificate, operating manual, three-year warranty and a 30-day, money-back guarantee.


For more information, call BrandTech® Scientific Customer Service at 888-522-2726, request a quote online, or get a quote from your preferred BrandTech dealer.


Transferpette S Single Channel Adjustable Volume Pipettes
Transferpette S, Model D-1, Adjustable, 0.1-1uL
NEW SIZE! Transferpette S, Model D-2.5, Adjustable, 0.1-2.5uL
Transferpette S, Model D-10, Adjustable, 0.5-10uL
Transferpette S, Model D-20, Adjustable, 2-20uL
NEW SIZE! Transferpette S, Model D-50, Adjustable, 5-50uL
Transferpette S, Model D-100, Adjustable, 10-100uL
Transferpette S, Model D-200, Adjustable, 20-200uL
Transferpette S, Model D-1000, Adjustable, 100-1000uL
Transferpette S, Model D-5000, Adjustable, 500-5000uL
Transferpette S, Model D-10000, Adjustable, 1000-10000uL

Transferpette S Starter Sets (includes three adjustable volume pipettes, three shelf/rack mounts and three filled polypropylene Tip Boxes)
Transferpette S, Standard Set, Adjustable, contains one each 0.5-10, 10-100, 100-1000uL, pack of 3
Transferpette S, Micro Set, Adjustable, contains one each 0.1-1, 0.5-10, 10-100uL, pack of 3
Transferpette S, Midsize Set, Adjustable, contains one each 2-20, 20-200, 100-1000uL, pack of 3
Transferpette S, Macro Set, Adjustable, contains one each 100-1000, 500-5000, 1000-10000uL, pack of 3
Transferpette S, Standard Set, Adjustable, contains one each 0.5-10, 10-100, 100-1000uL, pack of 3

Transferpette S Single Channel Fixed Volume Pipettes
Transferpette S, Model F-10, Fixed, 10uL
Transferpette S, Model F-20, Fixed, 20uL
Transferpette S, Model F-25, Fixed, 25uL
Transferpette S, Model F-50, Fixed, 50uL
Transferpette S, Model F-100, Fixed, 100uL
Transferpette S, Model F-200, Fixed, 200uL
Transferpette S, Model F-500, Fixed, 500uL
Transferpette S, Model F-1000, Fixed, 1000uL

Transferpette S Accessories
Transferpette S Shelf/Rack Mount, holds 1 single or multichannel pipette, pack of 1
Transferpette S Bench Top Rack, Carousel Stand, holds 6 single or multichannel pipettes, pack of 1