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BrandTech® Scientific Sample Request Page

Please use the form below to request product samples and literature from BrandTech® Scientific.

Please consult the BrandTech® Suppliers page for the appropriate contact information for delivery outside of the US and Canada.

Please select the product samples you would like to receive from the list below:

UV-Cuvette UV-Transparent Cuvettes
Ultra Micro Size Semi Micro Size Macro Size

BRAND Plastic Cuvettes – Macro and Semimicro
Polystyrene Methacrylate (PMMA/acrylic)

DUPLICATE ENTRY BRAND Ultra Low Retention Tips

BRAND Ultra Low Retention Pipette Tips

Mucasol Laboratory Detergent

BRANDplates® pureGrade™ and pureGrade™
S Non-Treated Microplates

BRANDplates® cellGrade™, cellGrade™ plus and cellGrade™ premium Microplates

BRANDplates® immunoGrade™, hydroGrade™ and lipoGrade™ Immunoassay Microplates

BRAND Pipette Tips
nano-cap™ Ultra-Micro 200µL 300µL 1000µL

BRAND BIO-CERT® Sterile Pipette Tips
nano-cap™ Ultra-Micro 200µL 300µL 1000µL

BRAND Filter Pipette Tips

BRAND PD-Tip™ Syringe Tips

BRAND Microcentrifuge Tubes

BRAND 96-well PCR Plates
Unskirted Semi-Skirted

BRAND 384-well PCR Plates (Skirted)

NEW! BRANDplates® inertGrade™ Microplates for Cell Culture

PCR Tube Strips and Strip Caps


Accessories for BRAND Plates

BRAND 384-well HTS Plates
Clear White Black

BRAND 1536-well HTS Plates
Clear White Black

BRAND 96-well Deep Well Plates
0.5mL Wells 1.1mL Wells 2.2mL Wells

Sample Cups for Clinical Analyzers

White Real Time PCR (qPCR)

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BrandTech only supplies products in the US and Canada. For international sales, please contact our suppliers.

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