NEW! The flexible discharge tube accessory for the BRAND Dispensette® S bottletop dispensers bring even more safety and convenience to serial dispensing of liquids into racks of tubes. The tube has a textured safety handle for a firm grip, even with gloves. Coiled PTFE tubing stays neatly out of your way, while as chemically compatible as the Dispensette S – suitable for dispensing virtually every laboratory liquid A large variety of bottle adapters and accessories allow the Dispensette® S to be fitted to nearly any unpressurized container. Models are available for general purpose dispensing, organics and concentrated acids, and trace analysis.


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BrandTech Scientific, Inc. of Essex, CT imports a wide variety of laboratory products. Product offering includes pipettes, bottletop dispensers, burettes, pipette controllers, repeating pipettes, vacuum pumps, cuvettes, PCR plastics, plastic labware and lab support jacks.


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Director of Marketing and Distributor Relations

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