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BrandTech® Scientific’s latest catalog contains detailed information and specifications for our liquid handling, vacuum, life science plastics, and general plastic labware. Follow the links below to view the product descriptions from BrandTech’s catalog in high-resolution PDF format, or order your own copy by filling out our online catalog request form or by calling BrandTech® Scientific Customer Service at 888-522-2726.

Full Catalog PDF Download
BrandTech Scientific® Full 2016 Catalog (10MB)

Bottletop Dispensers
BRAND Bottletop Dispensers

Bottletop Burettes
BRAND Bottletop Burettes

Pipettes & Pipette Tips
BRAND Single & Multi-channel Pipettes & Pipette Tips

Pipette Controllers
BRAND Electronic & Manual Pipette Controllers

EASYCAL™ Calibration Software for Liquid Handling, Glass, and Plastic Volumetric Instruments

Life Science Plastics
BRAND Microcentrifuge Tubes, Deep Well Plates, & PCR Plastics

BRAND Flourimetry, UV Transparent, PS, and PMMA Disposable Cuvettes

BRANDplates® Multiwell Microplates Plates

BRAND QuikSip™ Bottletop Aspirator and VACUUBRAND® BVC Fluid Aspiration System

Vacuum Pumps, Systems, and Gauges
VACUUBRAND® Vacuum Pumps, Systems, and Gauges

Volumetric, Plastic, and Trace Analysis Labware
VITLAB Volumetric Labware, General Plastic Labware, and PFA Trace Analysis Labware

Volumetric Glassware
BRAND USP, Class A, Certified Volumetric Glassware

Lab Support Jacks
Bochem Electronic, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Lab Support Jacks

Specialty Supplies
Bochem & BRAND Test Tube Racks, BRAND Sample Cups for Clinical Analyzers, and Mucasol®Universal Detergent