Dispensette® S Trace Analysis Bottletop Dispensers

NEW BRAND Dispensette® S Trace Analysis bottletop dispensers are optimized for dispensing high-purity chemicals for ICP-MS and other sensitive assays. PFA, PTFE, sapphire and other specially selected materials can provide clean dispensing, with contaminants in the PPB or even PPT range. Two models, with either platinum-iridium or tantalum valve springs provide differing chemical compatibilities. Pt-Ir model suitable for hydrofluoric acid. Safety features in common with other Dispensette® S dispensers. For details, visit www.BrandTech.com .


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BrandTech Scientific, Inc. of Essex, CT imports a wide variety of laboratory products. Product offering includes pipettes, bottletop dispensers, burettes, pipette controllers, repeating pipettes, vacuum pumps, cuvettes, PCR plastics, plastic labware and lab support jacks.


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