General BrandTech FAQ

Browse through some common questions about BrandTech Scientific

1. Are your products available in my area?

BrandTech products are available through most leading laboratory supply dealers in the United States and Canada, some of whom sell nationally, and others who sell in smaller geographic segments. Check with your favorite lab dealer about BrandTech products.

If your dealer does not have the BrandTech product you need in stock, you don’t have to wait for delivery. Tell your dealer that BrandTech stocks for direct shipment, and can ship most products within 24 hours of order directly to you.

For delivery of BrandTech products outside the US and Canada, please consult with the product manufacturer. For contact information, please consult the BrandTech Scientific Suppliers Page.

2. I don’t see your product in my favorite dealer catalog. Do they sell it?

Odds are that your favorite dealer carries the BrandTech product you are looking for. Many dealers carry as many as 750,000 products, and even the largest catalogs list only a small fraction of them. Just provide your dealer with the BrandTech catalog number, and they should be able to supply you with the product. For more information, call BrandTech Scientific Customer Service at 888-522-2726.

3. Can I purchase directly from BrandTech?

We encourage customers to purchase from their favorite laboratory supply dealer. However, some customers may find a need to order directly from BrandTech. Direct orders can be placed via credit card, through the website or by calling BrandTech customer service (888-522-2726).

4. Are your instruments UV-resistant?

Most of our products are resistant to occasional UV light exposure. Please note that BrandTech does not recommend the use of UV light to sterilize products, as there will always be portions of the instrument which will not be exposed to the light.

5. Can I purchase other products from your suppliers that are not in your catalog?

It depends. We do not have the distribution rights for some of our suppliers’ products. Those products are not in the BrandTech catalog. Other products have very limited demand in the United States and Canada, and as such are not routinely stocked by our company. Products in this second group can sometimes be ordered as a courtesy to you, if ordered in minimum order quantities. Because they are not standard items, service and support is not available for them.

Can’t Find the Answer You’re Looking For?
If you’re having trouble finding the information you want, BrandTech Customer Service is here to help. Call us at 888-522-2726, or if you prefer, contact us online.