NEW! The BRAND® Transferpette® S line of air displacement pipettes has updated features for easier, more efficient work. The grip has been designed for a better fit in left and right hands of all sizes, and all functions—volume setting and locking, pipetting and tip ejection can be comfortably operated with one hand without shifting position. A slimmer shaft fits narrow vessels, the housing is designed for easy cleaning, and tip cones are designed to fit most brands of quality pipette tips. Single and multichannel models are available, as well as sets, with volume ranges from 0.1 µL to 10 mL. Visit for details.


BrandTech Scientific, Inc. of Essex, CT imports a wide variety of laboratory products. Product offering includes pipettes, automated pipetting robots, bottletop dispensers, burettes, pipette controllers, repeating pipettes, vacuum pumps, cuvettes, PCR plastics, microplates, glass and plastic labware and lab support jacks.

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