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  • $1,242.00$1,422.00

    VACUU-VIEW Vacuum Gauge


    Product and ordering information for the VACUU•VIEW Vacuum Gauge.  Compact design and corrosion resistance in rough and fine vacuum ranges.  Integrated ceramic diaphragm sensor and ceramic-jacketed Pirani sensor (extended model).

  • $2,356.00$3,969.00

    CVC3000 Vacuum Controller


    Product and ordering information for CVC3000 Vacuum Controller.  Digital controller with integrated check valve.  Used with a solenoid valve, provides two-point control for any diaphragm vacuum pump or central vacuum.  Pre-program up to ten multi-step programs.

  • $60.12$923.00

    DVR2 Vacuum Gauge


    Product and ordering information for DVR2 Vacuum Gauge.  Fully electronic gauge with both digital and analog display. Ceramic diaphragm sensor for corrosion resistance. Battery-powered. Measurement range 1-1080 mbar. 

  • $1,889.00$3,569.00

    DCP3000 Vacuum Gauge


    Product and ordering information for DCP3000 Vacuum Gauge.  Electronic vacuum gauge utilizes VACUUBRAND's VACUU•BUS system to monitor up to 4 transducer sets. Measurement range 1080 – 5×10-9 mbar (sensor dependent).

  • $74.77$2,766.59

    Gauge Heads


    Product and ordering information for Gauge Heads.  For measurements in the rough and fine vacuum range. Communicate with the DCP3000 or CVC3000 via VACUUBRAND's VACUU•BUS “plug-and-play” technology.

  • $833.54



    Product and ordering information for VACUU•CONTROL®.  Remote monitoring and controlling of pumping units or vacuum systems equipped with a CVC3000 or DCP3000 via computers or mobile devices.