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Pipette Tips

  • $11.17$364.00

    Standard Pipette Tips


    Product and ordering information for standard pipette tips; Volumes from 0.1µL to 10mL, non-sterile & sterile, boxed or bulk packaging; ULR & filter tips also available.

  • $70.31$328.00

    Filter Pipette Tips


    Product and ordering information for sterile filter tips;  non-self-sealing filter tips for air displacement pipettes; volumes from 0.1µL to 1000µL; also available in ULR.

  • $29.00$240.00

    Ultra Low Retention Pipette Tips


    Product and ordering information for Ultra Low Retention Pipette tips.  For air displacement pipettes: volumes from 0.1µl to 1000µl; sterile & non-sterile; filter & non-filter; no additives to leach; autoclavable.

  • $42.00$167.00

    PD-Tip™ syringe tips


    Product and ordering information for PD-Tip™ precision dispenser tips.  Syringe-type tips compatible with most standard repeating pipettes; manufactured of high-quality virgin plastics. Non-sterile or BIO-CERT® sterile.

  • $6.93

    TipBox, with tip-tray, empty


    Product and ordering information for TipBox.  Empty box with tip-tray for air displacement pipette tips.