Next generation product is available:
The VACUU·SELECT™ complete controller for rough vacuum applications, and the VACUU·SELECT™ fine vacuum control packages for fine vacuum applications. Limited quantities of the CVC3000 Vacuum Controller models are available. Contact BrandTech (888-522-2726) for more information.

The CVC 3000 is a unified controller for the rough vacuum range. Used in conjunction with a vacuum pump and solenoid valve, it can maintain two-point control of vacuum levels, or execute multi-step programs. Used in conjunction with a VARIO™ NT chemistry pump it can additionally automatically find and follow boiling point curves for evaporations up to 30% faster than two-point control. A special 'turbo' mode is included for backing of turbomolecular pumps. An integrated vent valve is included.

  • Jogwheel interface
  • Storage of ten multi-step programs
  • Graphic display of performance
  • Automatic "plug-and-play" recognition and configuration with VACUU•BUS™ valve and transducer peripherals
  • Bidirectional RS232 interface

The VACUU•BUS™ interface allows automatic recognition and configuration of solenoid vacuum valves, vent valves, cooling water valves, external transducers and VARIO™ NT vacuum pumps. The bi-directional RS232 port allows process validation, or command of multi-step processes via computer.

CVC 3000 detect Integrated Vacuum Control System
Integrated unit includes a CVC 3000 controller with a VVB-6C solenoid valve for easy upgrading of vacuum systems to electronic control. The advanced detect* feature automatically finds the first boiling point in an evaporation reducing initial oversight. A check valve helps protect the electronically controlled application from vacuum line instability and potentially contaminating vapors from other applications. Simple to use - simply attach application to one 10mm (3/8") hose barb, and connect the other hose barb to vacuum source.
*Note: detect feature not available on other versions of the CVC 3000 controller.

CVC 3000 + VSP 3000 Pirani Fine Vacuum Control Packages
Packages include a CVC 3000 controller, a VSP 3000 external Pirani vacuum transducer, a VV-B 15C in-line solenoid valve and all necessary small flange components. For easy upgrading of VACUUBRAND® rotary vane and chemistry-HYBRID pumps to electronic control, as well as pumps from other manufacturers using KF16 or KF25 small flanges.