NEW! The VACUUBRAND® DVR 2pro is a fully electronic absolute pressure vacuum gauge for measurements in the range from atmospheric pressure to 1mbar/Torr/hPa by means of an integrated capacitance pressure transducer. Powered by a 9V alkaline battery for portability, with an easy access door for quick replacement. Select from the three different included vacuum connections: a 6-10mm (1/4 – 3/8 inch) hose barb; a KF16 small flange; or a 10/8mm compression fitting. A combined digital and analog display provide both accurate results and quick trend indication. The measuring interval can be switched between 3x/sec., 1sec, or 1/3 seconds for increased battery life, or increased display stability with rapidly fluctuating pressures. The DVR 2pro is suitable for many general purpose lab applications with house vacuum, water-jet aspirators, or diaphragm vacuum pumps.

Product Features:

    • Mercury-Free
      Accurate capacitive transducer eliminates the need for mercury manometers
    • Rugged Operation
      Manufactured without fragile springs or glass tubes; Corrosion-resistant transducers ensure rugged reliable operation.
    • Flexible Display
      Results shown in millibar, torr or hectoPascal – you decide!
    • Battery powered
      Power supplied by a 9V alkaline battery, with an adjustable sleep timer to extend battery life.

NOTE: The DVR 2pro replaces the DVR 2 (cat. no. 682902)