EASYCAL™ simplifies the tedious task of calibrating liquid handling, glass, and plastic volumetric instruments to ISO 9001 and GLP standards. Easy-to-follow procedures are outlined step-by-step and all calculations are performed automatically by the software. Test values may be entered manually into the software or imported directly from the balance via serial port. Reports are generated to document the calibration, and all test records can be saved in a database for subsequent use and tracking of instrument performance. An easy-to-read test record contains all data on one printable page.

Using the special EASYCAL™ testing tubes, the calibration of pipettes below 50µL is much easier and more cost-effective than moisture traps or costly two-scale balances.

*EASYCAL™ 4.0 supports many balances from A&D, Denver, Kern Ohaus, Precisa, Sartorius, Scaltec, and YMC. Please contact your balance manufacturer for the appropriate interface cable.

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