VACUUBRAND® Oil-free Chemistry Design Vacuum Pumps are now available with an integrated VACUU·SELECT® controller! Easy-to-use, the VACUU·SELECT® controller provides a touch screen, application-based interface. Creating a new application is as easy as swiping a finger to drag-and-drop application building blocks.

These pumps are excellent choices for supporting controlled evaporation or drying processes. The PC 510 select, with the MZ 2C NT two stage chemistry diaphragm pump (7 mbar/1.4 cfm) can be used for many common solvents, while the PC 610 select, with the MD 4C NT three stage chemistry diaphragm pump (1.5 mbar/2.2 cfm) meets the higher vacuum requirements for most high boiling point solvents. Product Features:

  • VACUU·SELECT® controller
    Controller has a touch screen interface and predefined applications. It is easy-to-use and the modification of existing applications, or creation of new applications, is simple with drag-and-drop editing.
  • Electronic Control
    A solenoid valve, operated by the new VACUU·SELECT controller, provides precise two-point electronic control for important applications, maintaining vacuum levels between pre-set tolerances.
  • No Oil Changes
    These vacuum pumps utilize diaphragm vacuum technology. The totally dry operation eliminates the misting, handling and disposal of contaminated waste associated with rotary vane pumps. No oil to change or monitor!
  • Reduced Maintenance
    Typical diaphragm lifetimes are well in excess of 15,000 hours of use before replacement - that's years in most applications, minimizing downtime and service costs. When it is finally time for service, their unique design eliminates tedious, trial-and-error stroke length recalibration.
  • Improved Productivity
    VACUUBRAND® pumps are engineered for performance, with flow rates as much as 40% higher at working vacuum level than competitive pumps with similar free air capacity ratings. Higher flow rates mean reduced process times and higher throughput.
  • Reliability
    All VACUUBRAND® pumps and systems must pass rigorous product testing before leaving the factory. It's your assurance of a reliable pump.