Liquid Handling Station (LHS)

Liquid Handling Station (LHS)

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The BRAND LHS Liquid Handling Station pipetting robot handles routine tasks at high speed and with the highest precision. The LHS closes the gap between electronic pipettes and highly complex, expensive pipetting robots. It is a quiet and compact instrument with a unique front door allowing it be set up in tight quarters. The instrument has 7 working positions and 5 available liquid ends with single channel volumes up to 1000uL and multichannel volumes up to 300uL. The system has the flexibility to move liquids between reservoirs, tubes, and plates. Adapters and racks bring the consumables to an even height, reducing unnecessary vertical movements to save time during pipetting.


  • Preparation of ‘assay ready’ plates
  • PCR, qPCR, and ELISA Set-up
  • Serial dilutions
  • Microplate Replication and Reformatting
  • DNA Normalization
  • Cherry Picking
  • Cell Cultures
  • General Liquid Transfers

Product No. & Specs

The BRAND Liquid Handling Station includes the motor control unit, operating software, user manual, power cable, USB cable, documentation, on-site training, and a 1 year warranty. Liquid ends, racks, adapters, consumables, and additional service plans are sold separately. Operating computer to be supplied by end user.

Cat. No.
  Liquid Handling Station Base Unit

  Liquid Ends
  1-channel Liquid Ends (SC), 8-channel Liquid Ends (MC)
  Volume Ranges
  1-channel Liquid Ends: 1 - 50µl, 10 - 200µl, 40 - 1000µl
  8-channel Liquid Ends: 1 - 50µl, 20 - 300µl
  Working positions
  8 working positions: P2 - P8, P1 for waste box
  approx. 25 kg(~55lbs)
  W 595 x D 485 x H 530 mm (closed)
  W 595 x D 485 x H 690 mm (open)
  Operating temperature
  +15°C to +35° C
  Transport temperature
  -20°C to +65° C
  Supply Voltage
  100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  2 x T 2.5A H 250V
  1 USB
  Power consumption
  max. 150W
  Protection class
  Protection class I
  Protection class IP20
  Safety standards
  IEC 61010-1
  EMC compatibility
  Radio interference and interference resistance compliant with DIN EN 61 326-1
  Noise level
  46 dB


Accuracy Table
Liquid End Volume Range µL Volume Step µL A* ≤ ± % CV* ≤ %
1-channel 1-50 50 1.5 0.5
25 2.0 0.8
5 6.0 3.0
10-200 200 1.0 0.3
100 1.5 0.4
20 4.0 1.5
40-1000 1000 1.0 0.2
500 1.5 0.3
100 3.0 1.0
8-channel 1-50 50 1.5 0.6
25 2.0 1.0
5 8.0 4.0
20-300 300 1.2 0.4
150 1.6 0.6
30 5.0 2.5
*Final test values related to the nominal capacity (maximum volume) or the indicated volume steps indicated on the Liquid End, obtained when Liquid End and distilled water are equilibrated at ambient temperature within the Liquid Handling Station (20°C/68°F) according to DIN EN ISO 8655.  A=Accuracy, CV=Coefficient of variation


All conventional pipetting tasks that can be done with single or multichannel pipettes can quickly be defined as a method in the extremely simple software. The easy-to-use, highly graphical user interface allows for method recall or new method creation without requiring advanced programming skill.

Standard Workflow for Creation of New Method:

  1. Define the name for new pipetting method.
  2. Set up the work table.
  3. Define the commands (Transfer, Wait, Mix, Break).
  4. Simulate the Method.
  5. Execute the Method!

The LHS software offers the following functions:

  • Professional user management
  • Predifined liquid properties (liquid types) that can be changed or added at any time
  • Disposable item (labware) database can be added to on a customer-specific basis
  • Testing of inconsistencies by the software
  • Automatic logging of procedures with customizable reports
  • Context-sensitive help function
  • Data import/export
  • E-Mail report
  • Timeline


The Liquid Handling Station comes with a one year warranty. Two additional service plans are available: Silver and Gold. With the BrandTech Gold service agreement, the warranty can be extended by 12 months.

  Service of mechanical components
  Cleaning and greasing the system
  Adjusting the Liquid Handling Station  
  Calibrating the Liquid Ends
  Software Update
  Free replacement of wear parts
  12-month warranty extension



Does the LHS come with UV or HEPA filters for cell culture?

The LHS does not come with UV light, but the new LHS flow has HEPA filters for cell culture aspiration.

Does the LHS have the ability to heat, cool or mix consumables in place?

A PCR mini-cooler is available as an accessory. However, specific heating, cooling, or mixing elements are not available at this time.

Can the LHS be placed/operated in a biosafety or fume hood?

This is not a recommended use for the LHS.

Does the LHS integrate with other instruments?

No. The LHS is a standalone instrument.

Can the LHS be used in a temperature controlled room (i.e. at 37°C or in a cold room)?

No, the operating temperature range for the LHS is between +15°C and +35°C (approx. 60-95°F).

What is the viscosity limit of liquids that can be pipetted using the LHS?

260 mPa s


Are the height adapters necessary for pipetting protocols?

Yes, the software will direct you to use the appropriate height adapter for the rack and consumable you are using. It is necessary to use the correct height adapters to ensure stable support and an even working height for the plates. This allows for a reduction in the pipetting time.

Can the height adapters be stacked?

Yes, 2 height adapter 30's can be stacked to equal the same working height of 1 height adapter 60.


Do BRAND robotic tips have to be used with the LHS?

YES! BRAND Robotics tips are designed to fit within tight tolerances for both tip fit and tip length. Therefore, it is necessary to use only BRAND robotic tips with the LHS.

What tips are compatible with each Liquid End?

Please consult the Tip Compatibility Chart to see which tips are compatible with each Liquid End.

What is the maximum height of a consumable (i.e. tube) that can be used with the LHS?

The maximum height of a consumable that can be used with the LHS is 80mm.

Can I use 15mL or 50mL conicals, or blood tubes with the LHS?

No, the maximum height for a consumable is approximately 80mm because of the compact design of the instrument.

What happens if a consumable I use is not in the LHS software?

Please let us know and provide a sample. We will have it programed into the software at no charge if it works with an existing adapter. If it does not work with any of our existing adapters, BRAND can develop a custom adapter for a fee.


How accurate are the liquid ends?

Please see page 10 of the LHS brochure. Note accuracy will vary by liquid end and volume range. As an example, when equipped with a 200µL liquid end and pipetting 20µL the accuracy is ±4%.

Does the LHS have a 12-channel head?

No, the maximum number of channels is 8.


How do I operate the LHS?

From the intuitive and easy to use LHS software. The LHS software operates on Windows devices running Windows 7 operating systems or higher that are equipped with a USB port.

Can the LHS be operated with a MAC?

No, the LHS has a PC Microsoft based operating system.


Can I write my own software for the LHS?

No, the LHS is a closed system with proprietary software.


Is the LHS a plate washer?

The LHS does not function as standard plate washer. It will always leave some residual volume in each well. However, there is a "Break" feature within the software that allows for manual manipulation of the plate to "knock off" any remaining residual volume during plate wash steps.

Is the LHS a plate stamper?

No. The LHS can replicate plates, but can only transfer liquids at a maximum of 8 channels at a time. It is not a good fit for plate stamping applications.


Available accessories for the BRAND Liquid Handling Station include:

    Liquid Ends - Single-Channel and Multi-Channel Liquid Ends and Liquid End Holder.
    Tips - Standard and Filter Tips, Non-Sterile and Sterile.
    Adapters and Racks - Height adapters, Racks for Single Vessels and Plates.
    Reservoirs and Waste Box - Autoclavable reservoirs for Reagent Containment and Disposable Waste Boxes.
    Consumables - Microplates, PCR products, Microcentrifuge Tubes, and Sealing Films.

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Demo Request

To request a software demonstration or on-site demonstration of the BRAND LHS Liquid Handling Station, please CLICK HERE.