VACUUBRAND® Oil-free Chemistry-design Vacuum Pumps are available with manual flow control to provide the most basic management of vacuum where electronic control is unnecessary to achieve good results. Centrifugal concentration, gel drying, and even simple rotary evaporation applications can often be effectively managed with manual control systems. Excellent corrosion resistance with manual control in a single system!

Product Features:

  • Manual Control Valve
    A PTFE diaphragm valve provides approximate control of vacuum levels for less demanding applications.
  • No Oil Changes
    These vacuum pumps utilize diaphragm vacuum technology. The totally dry operation eliminates the misting, handling and disposal of contaminated waste associated with rotary vane pumps. No oil to change or monitor!
  • Reduced Maintenance
    Typical diaphragm lifetimes are well in excess of 15,000 hours of use before replacement - that's years in most applications, minimizing downtime and service costs. When it is finally time for service, their unique design eliminates tedious, trial-and-error stroke length recalibration.
  • Improved Productivity
    VACUUBRAND® pumps are engineered for performance, with flow rates as much as 40% higher at working vacuum level than competitive pumps with similar free air capacity ratings. Higher flow rates mean reduced process times and higher throughput.
  • Reliability
    All VACUUBRAND® pumps and systems must pass rigorous product testing before leaving the factory. It's your assurance of a reliable pump.