NEW! UV-protect volumetric flasks provide even greater protection for light-sensitive substances. Made of polymethylpentene (PMP), the flasks are very close to the shade of amber glass, transparent, and provide comparable protection for sensitive substances in the visible light spectrum (400-750nm). In the UV range (200-380nm), they shield even better than amber glass. With their light weight and superior break resistance, they are an excellent choice for measurement of light-sensitive materials.

Flasks are available in sizes from 10mL to 1000mL and are supplied with a PP stopper cap. They offer accuracy to Class A standards per DIN EN ISO 1042, even after autoclaving at temperatures up to 121°C (to preserve markings, cleaning at no higher than 60°C is recommended). Each flask is individually calibrated “to-contain” (‘In’) at a reference temperature of 20°C, individually ring-marked, for accuracy, imprinted with a lot-number, and shipped with a lot certificate. The high contrast ring-mark ensures an accurate reading of the meniscus.