BRAND’s PCR rack securely holds 96-well PCR plates, tube strips and individual 0.2mL tubes for easy handling. It is alphanumerically marked for sample identification and can be stacked ..(without lids). The PCR box holds the rack for storage, and withstands temperatures from -80°C to +121°C.

The PCR mini-cooler helps protect samples from warming. Insulating gel maintains 4°C temperature for approximately 3 hours and changes color from violet to pink when temperature reaches 7°C. Suitable for 0.2mL tubes, strips and plates. Transparent lid included. The PCR mini-cooler can be placed at -20°C.

The BRAND cap tool simplifies the process of attaching and detaching caps on PCR plates. Made of a durable polyamide material, this handy tool has one end specifically designed to seal cap strips onto PCR plates or tube strips. The opposite end features a pointed hook for efficient removal of PCR caps.