NOTE: The PD-Tip™ has been discontinued and replaced by the PD-Tip™ II . Only the non-sterile, assorted size PD-Tip™ pack (Cat. no. 702368) is still available.
See the Cross Reference Table for the comparable PD-Tip™ II part number.

BRAND PD-Tip™ Precision Dispenser Tips fit all repeating pipettes using standard sized syringe tips, such as the HandyStep® and the Eppendorf® Repeater™ 4780. PD-Tips™ are manufactured from virgin polypropylene and high-density polyethylene. Available in non-sterile and BIO-CERT® sterile. BIO-CERT® PD-Tip™ Precision Dispenser Tips are sterile and certified free of DNA, RNase, endotoxins, and ATP to meet the most stringent sample integrity requirements. Available in volumes from 0.1mL to 50mL.

Product Features:

  • Compatible with most repeater pipettes including the BRAND HandyStep® S and HandyStep® electronic, Rainin® AutoRep™ E, AutoRep™ S and AutoRep™ M, Gilson® Repetman®, FisherBrand repeating pipette, black-handled Eppendorf® Repeater®, and all other repeating pipettes using standard tips
  • High Quality Materials: manufactured entirely from high-quality polyethylene and polypropylene (Piston of 0.1mL tip is liquid crystal polymer-LCP)
  • Supplied with a batch Certificate of Performance to document accuracy and precision testing, and help simplify ISO/GLP compliance