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QuikSip™ Bottletop Aspirator


Product and ordering information for the QuikSip Bottletop Aspirator: Convenient bottletop aspirator for removing supernatants, cell culture media and other biological liquids.

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The QuikSip™ is a convenient bottletop aspirator that works without any external vacuum source, allowing it to be easily transferred between workstations. Each plunger stroke powers up to 25mL of aspiration, and its unique thumb-operated controller is compatible with disposable pipette tips, micropipettes, and glass Pasteur pipettes.

Product Features:

  • No vacuum required.
  • Unique thumb-operated controller compatible with disposable pipette tips, micropipettes and glass Pasteur pipettes.
  • Autoclavable for sterile applications.
  • Mounts on most common reagent bottles (45mm thread; 45/33mm and 45/S40mm adapters supplied).

Product No. & Specs

The QuikSip™ bottletop aspirator is supplied with: controller with 200cm (78in.) of silicone tubing, spare piston/cylinder cartridge, two PP thread adapters (45/33mm and 45/S40mm), operating manual and one-year warranty.

Cat. No.
  QuikSip™ bottletop aspirator

Tech Info

Limitations of Use

This instrument is designed for aspirating aqueous solutions and inorganic and organic substances (e.g., biological buffers, liquids for cell culture, etc.) within the following limitations:

  • Use between +15°C and +40°C (59°F and 104°F) of instrument and reagent
  • Vapor pressure up to 500 mbar
  • Density up to 2.2 g/cm³
  • Kinematic viscosity up to 75 mm²/s (dynamic viscosity [mPas] = kinematic viscosity [mm²/s] x density [b/cm³])

Operating Exclusions

Liquids that should not be aspirated include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-polar solvents like hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons
  • Concentrated or oxidizing acids

Manuals & SOPs

QuikSip Manual

Accessories & Parts

Available parts and accessories for the QuikSip™ include:

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