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seripettor® pro Bottletop Dispenser

Product and ordering information for the seripettor pro wiping-seal bottletop dispenser for dispensing a wide range of reagents commonly used in biological and chemical laboratories.

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The seripettor® pro is a bottletop dispenser designed to handle a wider range of liquids than the regular seripettor® for customers who do not require all the features of the Dispensette®. Like the regular seripettor®, it features an easily-replaceable wiping seal dispensing cartridge, making it especially suitable for liquids that tend to form crystals. Its pump assembly has a corrosion resistant spring and an opaque upper sleeve to protect reagents from UV-light during dispensing, while allowing for observation of reagent to confirm purging of bubbles. The seripettor® pro mounts on most common reagent bottles with its 45mm thread.

Product No. & Specs

The seripettor® pro bottletop dispenser is supplied with: spare dispensing cartridge, discharge tube, telescoping filling tube, three PP adapters (45/38mm, 45/33mm and 45/S40mm), operating manual, and one-year warranty.

A* ≤ ± %
CV* ≤ %
Cat. No.

A*=Accuracy, CV*=Coefficient of Variation

*The value of accuracy and coeffficient of variation are final test values referring ot the delivered nominal volume, instrument and distilled water at equilibrium with ambient temperature (20°C/68°F) and with smooth operation.

Selection Chart

seripettor Selection Chart


What liquids can I dispense with my seripettor® pro?

The valves and seals on the seripettor® pro allow a broader range of liquids to be dispensed than the regular seripettor®. For example, Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) can be dispensed with the seripettor® pro. Additionally, the opaque upper sleeve of the seripettor® pro protects light sensitive reagents. See the selection chart for a complete list of reagents compatible with the seripettor® pro : seripettor selection chart

Tech Info & Warnings

Limitations of Use

This instrument is designed for dispensing liquids, observing the following physical limits:

  • Use between +15°C and +40°C (59°F and 104°F) of instrument and reagent
  • Density up to 2.2 g/cm³
  • Vapor pressure up to 500 mbar
  • Kinematic viscosity:
    • 2mL instrument: 300 mm²/s
    • 10mL instrument: 150 mm²/s
    • 25mL instrument: 75 mm²/s

Operating Exclusions

Never use this instrument with:

  • Liquids attacking PP (screw cap), Al2O3 ceramic, ETFE, FEP, PFA and PTFE (e.g., dissolved sodium azide*)
  • Liquids attacking borosilicate glass (e.g., hydrofluoric acid)
  • Liquids which are decomposed catalytically by platinum-iridium (e.g., H2O2)
  • Non-polar solvents like hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons
  • Concentrated or oxidizing acids (excluding HCl)
  • Explosive liquids (e.g., carbon disulfide)
  • Suspensions as solid particles may clog or damage the instrument (e.g., of charcoal)

(*Dissolved sodium azide permitted up to a max. concentration of 0.1%)

Manuals & SOPs

seripettor pro Manual

Technical Notes

Calibrating: Accuracy and Precision

⚠ WARNING – These products can expose you to chemicals including Carbon black (airborne, unbound particles of respirable size), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Di-n-butyl Phthalate (DBP), which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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Accessories & Parts

Available parts and accessories for the seripettor® pro bottletop dispenser include:

    Bottletop Adapters - Thread adapters, available in PP and ETFE, ensure compatibility with most reagent bottles.
    Dispensing cartridges - Replacement cartridges, available non-sterile or sterile.
    Flexible Discharge Tubes - Simplify repetitive dispensing tasks. Flexible discharge tubes feature 800mm of coiled PTFE tubing and an integrated safety handle. Not for use with peroxides.
    Telescoping Filling Tubes - Made from FEP, telescoping filling tubes are adjustable to maximize reagent use in most bottles.

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