Strip Plates

Strip Plates

Product and ordering information for BRANDplates® Strip Plates: Non-treated or immunoGrade™ surface optimized for immobilization of IgG; flexibility for immunoassay development; transparent; 12 x F8 microplates.

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BRANDplates® Strip Plates, 12xF8, offer high flexibility. A rigid frame with removable F-bottom 8-strips allows use of only as many wells as necessary. Choose from two types of construction:

  • Without grid: Individual 8-well strips can be removed and placed within the frame. Use only as many 8-well strips as needed.
  • With grid:The 8-well strips can be divided as needed. Even individual wells can be removed and replaced, with the grid securing their position. The ultimate in flexibility!

Both types of Strip Plates are available in either pureGrade™ or immunoGrade™ surfaces. BRAND pureGrade™ plates are non-treated, polystyrene medium binding plates, slightly more hydrophobic than the high binding immunoGrade™ surface treatment. BRAND immunoGrade™ plates are optimized for the immobilization of IgG, and offer the highest binding capacity for molecules with mixed hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions. An excellent choice for the majority of standard ELISAs, and also suitable for solid phase immunoassays.

Product No. & Specs

BRANDplates® 96-well Strip Plates
Pack of 100 plates (4 bags of 25 plates)

  Frame Style
Cat. No.
Cat. No.
  Without grid
  With grid

Selection Chart

Check here to find which BRAND micro-, deep-well, and PCR plates are compatible with a variety of instruments such as dispensers, plate readers, pipetting robots, etc.: Microplate Instrument Compatibility Chart


Are the strip plates sterile?

No, they are not.

How are the different BRANDplates® surfaces produced?

The surface modifications of the microplates are produced via a physical-chemical process. This kind of surface modification creates durable surfaces that can be stored at room temperature.

Tech Info & Warnings

IgA Adsorption Capacity of BRAND immunoGrade™ Microplates
Learn the effectiveness of BRANDplates® high binding immunoGrade™ surface using a direct antibody binding assay.

⚠ WARNING – These products can expose you to chemicals including α-Methyl styrene (alpha-Methylstyrene), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Di-n-butyl Phthalate (DBP), which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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