Clean and oil-free 10-3 mbar vacuum

VACUU·PURE® pumps reliably deliver the benefits of oil-free vacuum technology down to 10-3 mbar. For dry and completely clean operation, VACUU∙PURE® takes the screw pump principle to the next level. The working principle of VACUU·PURE® is based on gap sealing. The unique operating principle enables contact-free rotation of the spindles allowing the vacuum pump to operate oil- and abrasion-free. This ensures an ultrapure vacuum as well as contamination-free exhaust air. In addition, there is no wear due to abrasion and no need for oil changes, allowing for continuous operation.

Product features:

  • 10-3 mbar vacuum range
  • 100% oil-free
  • No abrasion
  • No wear parts

The chemically resistant version VACUU·PURE® 10C, features wetted materials made of chemically resistant polymers. A thick-walled PEEK encapsulation protects the spindles and stator in the pumping chamber, providing high chemical resistance. The use of a cold trap is unnecessary in many cases – another plus for reliable, continuous and economical operation.

VACUU·PURE® easily handles high vapor loads through its extraordinarily high condensate compatibility. The unique design of VACUU·PURE® gives it an exceptionally high condensate compatibility, making a gas ballast unnecessary even at high vapor loads. No loss in pumping speed or increased noise. The integrated regeneration mode enables rapid drying of the pump after the end of the process and thus sample throughput can be significantly increased.