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Solvent Boiling Points Chart

(all boiling points at standard pressure)

Solvent Boiling Point (°C) Solvent Boiling Point (°C)
Acetic Acid 118.0 Ethyl Acetate 77.1
Acetic Acid Anhydride 139.0 Ethyl Ether 34.6
Acetone 56.3 Ethylene Dichloride 83.5
Acetonitrile 81.6 Ethylene Glycol 197.5
Benzene 80.1 Heptane 98.4
iso-Butanol 107.7 n-Hexane 68.7
n-Butanol 117.7 Hydrochloric Acid 84.8
tert-Butanol 82.5 Methanol 64.7
Carbon Tetrachloride 76.5 Methylene Chloride 39.8
Chlorobenzene 131.7 MTBE 55.2
Chloroform 61.2 Pentane 36.1
Cyclohexane 80.7 Petroleum Ether 35.0-60.0
Cyclopentane 49.3 iso-Propanol 82.3
Dichloromethane 39.8 n-Propanol 97.2
Diethyl Ether 34.6 Pyridine 115.3
Dimethyl Acetamide 166.1 Tetrahydrofuran 66.0
Dimethyl Formamide 153.0 Toluene 110.6
Dimethyl Sulfoxide 189.0 Trifluoroacetic Acid 71.8
Dioxane 101.0 Water 100.0
Ethanol 78.3 Xylene 140.0


Note: Solvent boiling points acquired from materials published online by Honeywell Burdick and Jackson, University of Oxford, University of Louisville, Michigan State University, and IPS INCHEM and are inteded for use with the BrandTech Scientific Vacuum Pump Selection Guide only. Solvent listing does not necessarily imply chemical or physical compatibility with VACUUBRAND vacuum pumps and systems.


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