A Brief History and Milestones

Brand Group and BRANDTECH Scientific Milestones

BRANDTECH Scientific has been in operation for over 25 years as the US and Canadian division of the Brand Group. The Brand Group has over 1000 employees worldwide, with a collective motivation to make laboratory work simple, easy and efficient. BRANDTECH Scientific proudly shares the history and milestones of the parent company as part of its DNA, as well as the founder’s conviction that there is always room for improvement as the driving inspiration.


Over 70 years of history has built the Brand Group success to what it is today. Let’s take a look at some of the milestones achieved by BRAND, and BRANDTECH that has shaped the trusted quality products and services offered.


The company of Rudolf Brand was founded in Wertheim Germany. That same year, Helmut Schöler started as an apprentice in the new industry of volumetric glassware. This is the humble beginning of the Brand Group focus on quality products, designed and manufactured in Germany.


Helmut Schöler began expanding and developing a worldwide distribution network. Starting in Europe and followed by the Americas, Africa and Asia/Pacific, he sourced and partnered with local laboratory dealers. These relationships still exist today.


Technical innovations, such as precise graduation on volumetric glassware, gave customers more accuracy and efficiencies. This is the start of the BRAND emphasis on positioning itself as a supplier of premium quality.


BRAND was focused on chemical process engineering which led to the development of the first vacuum pump. This product line growth into vacuum technology expanded the offerings of BRAND, the new pumps were marketed under the product name of VACUUBRAND.


Expanding on precision and efficiency, BRAND launched their first bottle top dispenser and established themselves as a liquid handling company. BRAND is currently the market leader in the US with the popular Dispensette® S bottle top dispensers.


BRAND consolidated their footprint in Wertheim Germany with a new factory which was added to the logistics center and the vacuum technology division. This was a step in the long-term plans of growth and sustainability in land use and logistics.


The growth in the vacuum business continued with diaphragm pumps being introduced in 1982. VACUUBRAND began operating as a separate legal entity within the group. This allowed them the flexibility to concentrate on specific markets and vacuum technology product development.

VACUUBRAND® GmbH + CO KG, established a US subsidiary, VACUUBRAND®, INC. in Cedar Grove, NJ. with BRANDTECH adding VACUUBRAND products in their portfolio in 1997.


BRANDTECH Scientific was established as the first sales division of BRAND GMBH + CO KG. The Essex CT team was assembled to expand the US and Canadian markets offering more customer support and an efficient logistics point in the US.


BRANDTECH relocated within the same town of Essex CT to accommodate the need for additional staff and warehouse space. This increased the US facilties ability to warehouse more product and BrandTech began to offer next day service options.


VITLAB became part of the Brand Group and moved to a new plant in Grossostheim, Germany. This expanded the BRAND offering to include an extensive range of plastic volume measurement products.


VACUUBRAND, Inc relocated from New Jersey to the Essex, CT. facility. The consolidation to one US location and sharing operational resources highlights the efficiency and quality service standards which are consistently a focus for the Brand Group.


BRAND starts production in the world’s largest and most modern cleanroom for life science products. This injection molding center manufactures PCR consumables, pipette tips and other products that require the highest standards of purity.


Major renovations are completed in Essex, CT for additional staff and warehouse space to accommodate the sales growth in the US and Canada. The office space was doubled and the warehouse space allowed for more inventory to be housed in the US.


BRANDTECH and VAC INC combine the sales and marketing efforts to be fully integrated and operate as BRANDTECH Scientific, the US and Canadian division of the Brand Group representing BRAND, VACUUBRAND and VITLAB products.


New logo and positioning align with the global branding and conveys a cohesive story for BRANDTECH.


Today the BRANDTECH team includes over 50 employees. With goals for continued growth, BRANDTECH proudly represents the Brand Group of companies in the US and Canada.  We are currently updating our distribution center to maintain the high-quality of service and product delivery our customers expect.