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BRANDTECH Scientific supports scientific discovery by providing dependable, high-quality laboratory solutions to our customers and partners. As the US and Canadian division of the Brand Group, we offer BRAND®, VACUUBRAND®, and VITLAB® laboratory equipment. Our products are manufactured in our German facilities with the highest standards for quality and service.



The Brand Group includes the product companies BRAND, VACUUBRAND and VITLAB and its local entities in the United States, China, India, the United Kingdom and France. Together we have over 1,000 employees worldwide, including BRANDTECH Scientific as the US and Canadian division. Our objective is to develop, manufacture and distribute high-quality and innovative laboratory equipment, vacuum pumps and vacuum systems.



Wertheim and Grossostheim Germany serve as headquarters for the Brand group with R&D, production, European logistics, sourcing, marketing, and global sales. Our local entities consist of sales, marketing and distribution/logistics in the United States, China, India, the United Kingdom and France.

The BRAND promise – simple, easy and efficient.

As a leading Liquid Handling manufacturer, BRAND sets the standard for quality to achieve precise and reliable results. For more than 70 years, BRAND has been a trusted partner in the laboratory, and a world market leader in liquid handling and life science products. The BRAND claim is to make laboratory work simple, easy, and efficient with innovative products, perfect quality and reliable services. BRAND. For lab. For life.®

BRAND liquid handling products are distinguished by the accuracy, precision, safety, and ergonomic design of the instruments. The product lines include the BRAND Dispensette® S bottletop dispensers, Titrette® bottletop burettes, Transferpette® S pipettes, HandyStep® Touch repeating pipettes and the accu-jet® S pipette controllers.

The BRAND Life Science Plastics line is produced at BRAND’s cleanroom facility which is one of the largest cleanrooms for laboratory disposable items. The highest standard of environmental conditions provides a high degree of stability and consistent quality. The products include the innovative line of disposable UV-Cuvettes, superior quality pipette tips and filter tips, multiple well plates at various sizes and microcentrifuge tubes.

BRANDTECH also offers BRAND’s Class A, USP Certified volumetric glassware, which provides the highest degree of technical perfection for consistent, precision analysis.

The VACUUBRAND promise – Quality

VACUUBRAND is dedicated to vacuum technology that meets the highest quality standards by manufacturing the most comprehensive line of products for vacuum generation, measurement and control for rough and fine vacuum in the laboratory. The product range includes oil-free diaphragm pumps, oil-free screw pumps, rotary vane pumps, vacuum gauges and controllers in addition to VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks

Serving scientists and engineers for over 50 years, VACUUBRAND has earned a loyal, worldwide following for corrosion-resistant pumps, intuitive vacuum controllers, and easy-to-use gauges. VACUUBRAND products are known for their reliability and low maintenance requirements.

With a dedicated focus on vacuum technology, some of the leading products from VACUUBRAND include the VACUU·PURE 10C chemically resistant screw pump delivering oil-free vacuum down to the 10-3 mbar range and the PC 3001 VARIO® select with the intuitive VACUU·SELECT® controller providing unparalleled precision and automated control.

The VITLAB promise – Your reliable partner for laboratory products.

VITLAB is a leading manufacturer of liquid handling instruments and performance plastic laboratory products worldwide. The flagship of the VITLAB line is their trace analysis labware made from PFA for the extreme cleanability and the ultralow content of leachable needed for ICP-MS work and similarly sensitive tools. Other VITLAB products include DIN Class A and Class B volumetric labware, graduated cylinders, flasks, beakers, bottles, jugs, buckets, forceps and other plastics. 

Bochem has been manufacturing support jacks for over 40 years and is another German made product line carried by BRANDTECH Scientific. They are known in the laboratory industry for their consistency, responsibility and reliability. Bochem’s support jacks are rugged, and feature lift mechanisms made entirely from 304 stainless steel with POM rollers for a long service life in a corrosive lab environment. Three different deck materials are available, economical anodized or epoxy-powder coated aluminum, or highly polished 304 stainless.