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BRANDTECH Scientific supports scientific discovery by providing dependable, high-quality laboratory solutions to our customers and partners. As the US and Canadian division of the Brand Group, we offer BRAND, VACUUBRAND, and VITLAB laboratory equipment, manufactured in our German facilities with the highest standards for quality and service.

Liquid Handling and Life Sciences

BRAND manufactures quality liquid handling products, consumables and precision glassware that makes it easy for you to achieve precise and reliable results.

Vacuum Technology

VACUUBRAND has a wide range of vacuum pumps, gauges, controllers and network systems for rough and fine vacuum within the laboratory.

Volumetric Plasticware

VITLAB offers an extensive range of plastic products for volume measurement, sampling and storage to perfect your laboratory results.

Featured Products

Explore BRANDTECH’s wide range of high-quality lab tools designed to enhance precision and efficiency in your scientific research.

The ideal vacuum system for bench-top sized rotary evaporator applications. The integrated VACUU•SELECT® touch screen controller allows for automated applications.
Liquid Handling Station Pipetting Robot
A pipetting robot that can handle routine tasks at high speed and with the highest precision. The LHS closes the gap between electronic pipettes and highly complex, expensive pipetting robots.
The accu-jet® S pipette controller brings versatility and endurance to your team. Precise control for accurate volume setting and delicate cell culture work.
Repetitive pipettes are the first choice when it comes to efficient dispensing of long series. Multiple functions in the easy to use touchscreen pipette.
The BVC professional serves for aspiration and disposal of biological fluids, providing outstanding levels of comfort and safety for working with biological and biohazardous materials.
For medium and high sample throughput, 96- and 384-well plates from BRAND are the efficient solution for PCR and qPCR.
Specially designed for photometric determination of proteins, ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA and oligonucleotides in the UV range.
Whether you are dispensing solvents, acids, alkalis or saline solutions – the Dispensette® S bottle-top dispenser makes it easy, safe and efficient.

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BRANDTECH Scientific supports our products and services with easy access to a wide variety of technical documents, product manuals and detailed information for productivity in the laboratory.


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BRANDTECH Scientific is the US and Canadian division of the Brand Group

The Brand Group, with its affiliates BRAND, VACUUBRAND and VITLAB has over 1000 employees worldwide, dedicated to develop, manufacture and distribute high-quality and innovative laboratory equipment, vacuum pumps and systems.


Our customers are researchers and technicians in the laboratories of the life sciences for pharmaceutical and chemical industries and process analytics. We also serve architects, builders and OEM’s with vacuum systems and technology.

BRANDTECH is available for any inquiry you may have on our products or services.