General FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions to help navigate our website, find information on our products, locate a dealer or place an order. Our customer service team is available Monday thru Friday 8 am to 6 pm est. at 888-522-2726 to support any inquiries, or you can request information through the online contact form.

Are your products available in my area?

BRANDTECH products are available through most leading laboratory supply dealers in the United States and Canada. Check with your favorite lab dealer about BRANDTECH products. If your dealer does not have the BRANDTECH product you need in stock, BRANDTECH offers our dealers a direct ship option, with most products shipping within 24 hours. We also offer direct purchase through our online shop at for easy access to our quality products.



For delivery outside the US and Canada, direct access to the contact forms for each of our product brands are listed here.

I don’t see your product on my favorite dealer website, do they sell it?

Odds are that your favorite dealer carries the BRANDTECH product you are looking for. Many dealers carry over 1 million items and even the best distributor websites may not list all items or have them categorized correctly. Provide your dealer with the BRANDTECH catalog number, and they should be able to supply you with the product.

Can I purchase directly from BRANDTECH® Scientific?

We encourage customers to purchase from their favorite laboratory supply dealer. However, some customers may find a need to order directly from BRANDTECH. Direct orders can be placed via credit card, through the online shop at , or by calling  customer service at 888-522-2726.

I would like to use our freight account for shipping, can I do that with an online order?

Yes, we accommodate customers who would like to have the freight billed directly to their accounts. When placing your order online, enter the freight carrier and bill to account number in the comments section in the checkout process.

Where do I send my tax-exempt certificate for my order?

The online order process allows you to upload your tax certificate online with each order. If you have any problems with the upload, you can email the certificate to Please include your order number in the email for easy reference.

I would like to work with a sales representative. How do I get in touch with a sales representative for my area?

The sales team is divided into regional territories in the United States and Canada. We have Generalists covering liquid handling and lab equipment, and vacuum specialist for vacuum pumps and systems. Our sales team and the territories they cover are listed on the TEAM page of this website. They are supported by regional inside sales representatives who are also listed on the TEAM page.

Can I purchase products from BRAND, VACUUBRAND and VITLAB that are not listed on the BRANDTECH website?

BRANDTECH lists and stocks many of the products from our corporate partners, but not all. Some products that are not routinely stocked may be available, minimum order quantities may apply. To find out if a specific product might be available, contact us today.

Where can I find product certificates of performance?

The Certificates and Parts page has product certificates and more, readily available for you. You will need the catalog number and the serial or batch number to download a certificate.  Currently we offer this online certification for limited products with new products being added regularly. Go to Certificates and Parts page for availability and information on where to find the data you need. If the product you need is not listed, Contact our customer service team to generate the certificate you need.

What types of cleaning and sterilization is recommended for BRANDTECH products?

Our products are manufactured with many types of materials, and therefore cleaning and sterilization is based on the product specifications which can be found within each product description or refer to the product manuals listed on the product page. Manuals are also searchable in the Resource portal.

I have a technical question on my product, who should I reach out to?

The product pages contain detailed information as well as documentation on the technical requirements and attributes of our products. If you are unable to find your answer online, the talented customer service team works in conjunction with our technical specialists to support your inquiry.

Can’t Find the Answer You’re Looking For?

If you’re having trouble finding the information you need, BRANDTECH Customer Service is here to help. Call us at 888-522-2726, or contact us online.