A Complete Fluid Aspiration Solution for Your Biosafety Cabinets

Combining VACUUBRAND’s VACUU•LAN Lab Vacuum Systems with the BVC basic Fluid Aspiration System allows you to connect multiple biosafety cabinets to a single, quiet vacuum pump.  You can place the pump in a cabinet or on a shelf in or near the lab, and connect it to the biosafety cabinets using VACUU•LAN PTFE tubing and fluoropolymer fittings and connectors. Up to 26 biosafety cabinets can be in use at one time off a single pump!

The BVC Basic Fluid Aspiration System allows for safe, efficient collection of aspirated liquids at each biosafety cabinet, with precise aspiration control using the VacuuHandControl aspiration hand controller. The VACUU•LAN vacuum system provides isolation from user-to-user by using wall or ceiling-mounted isolation check valves, while a hydrophobic 0.2 micron sterilizable filter on the BVC reduces contamination risks at each cabinet.


The BVC Basic can be placed adjacent to or underneath the cabinet, and is easily connected to the cabinet vacuum turret using the provided flexible silicone vacuum tubing.


VACUU•LAN vacuum pumps are quieter than a home refrigerator, and require no maintenance for 7-8 years in most laboratories. They also run automatically, going into sleep mode when the system is not in use, and automatically turning on when vacuum is needed.

The result? Less noise, reduced pump maintenance, complete chemical resistance through the entire system, lower energy consumption, local fluid collection, autoclavable collection bottle and components, and precision suction control at each biosafety cabinet. Ask your BRANDTECH representative how you can create a complete fluid aspiration system for your biosafety cabinets with a single quiet pump!


John Kalinowski

VACUU·LAN® Sales Manager

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