Breakthrough in Oil-Free Vacuum

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Breakthrough in Oil-Free Vacuum
from BrandTech® Scientific


NEW! VACUUBRAND® VACUU•PURE® dry vacuum pumps provide pure vacuum, and nothing else. Suitable for use from atmosphere to 5 x 10-3 millibar, VACUU•PURE® provides 100 percent oil free vacuum, with no abrasion and no wear parts. Two models are available, the VACUU•PURE® 10 for non-corrosive applications, and the VACUU•PURE® 10C, suitable for freeze drying, Schlenk lines, ovens and more. High condensate tolerance means no cold traps in most applications. Integrated regeneration function purges condensate after use. Maximum pumping speed 10m3/hr for the VACUU•PURE® 10, and 9m3/hr for the VACUU•PURE® 10C.  

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Christian Petrilli

Director Channel Management

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