Dry screw pumps for cleaner, greener labs.

Next-generation vacuum technology improves efficiency and sustainability.

The environmental benefits of the VACUU•PURE® 10 and 10C screw pump technology is the subject of an article published with Select Science by Jason Varini, Product Manager at BRANDTECH.

The growing demand for purer processes, greater process efficiency, reliability, and sustainability for labs places an increased demand for vacuum technology to be designed to meet these objectives. VACUUBRAND® has been at the forefront of addressing these concerns with their diaphragm pump technology for pressures down to approximately 1 mbar. Now, with the recent technological advancement using screw pump technology, VACUUBRAND addresses these concerns in the fine vacuum range.


Based on dry screw pump technology, VACUU·PURE® was designed with lab efficiency and sustainability in mind. VACUU·PURE operates down to the 10-3 mbar range and provides important benefits for the user: 100% oil-free, no wear parts and no abrasion


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VACUU-PURE 10 and 10C Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps

Reliably deliver oil-free vacuum down to the 10 -3 mbar range with screw pump technology. 10C version is made of chemically resistant polymers, ideal for work with may aggressive chemicals.
Screw pump technology to ensure ultrapure contamination free vacuum. No wear due to abrasion and no need for oil changes, allowing for continuous operation.

Jason Varini

Product Manager

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