Reactors and Synthesis Applications

In kilo labs and pilot plants, materials are produced in quantities of a few hundred grams to several kilograms for pharmaceutical development, safety studies and early clinical trials for new drugs. Based on their extraordinary chemical resistance, our high-performance chemistry diaphragm vacuum pumps are perfectly suitable for these applications. The pumps operate without fluids such as water or oil, and thus reduce operating and maintenance costs. Variable-speed pumping systems offer unique control advantages in these applications, and are easily integrated into process control via PC or programmable logic controller.

Process requirements

  • a wide range of chemicals are used and many different process parameters are required
  • high reliability of technical plant components for days of continuous duty operation
  • medium to high vacuum requirements, both in vacuum depth and pumping speed
  • frequent use of large amounts of volatile solvents that can create hazardous atmospheres
  • controlled and reproducible process parameters

Pump requirements

  • high resistance against aggressive chemicals
  • high pumping speed over a wide pressure range
  • low ultimate vacuum even with open gas ballast for continuous condensate purge
  • precise vacuum control via speed-controlled pumps and ease of integration into process control systems
  • compatibility with vapors of inflammable solvents, and/or ATEX compatibility in potentially explosive atmospheres
VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller with graphical user interface and predefined applications. Meets high vacuum requirements for large quantities of most high boiling solvents. Extraordinary diaphragm life for minimum operational and servicing cost.
VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller with graphical user interface and predefined application. Powerful vacuum pump meets high vacuum requirements for most high boiling solvents.
10-3 mbar vacuum range. 100% oil-free and chemically resistant. No wear parts.
VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller with graphical user interface and predefined applications. Automatic boiling point detection and adjustment of the vacuum for short process times ideal for evaporation of large amounts of high-boiling solvents even at low temperatures.
Outstanding chemical resistance and superior vapor tolerance. Reduced process time due to particularly high pumping speed even near ultimate vacuum. Whisper quiet and very low vibration.