Rotary Evaporation

Vacuum requirements for rotary evaporation can vary greatly depending upon the solvent and evaporating temperature. This is why a modern vacuum system includes built-in vacuum regulation to help you reach optimum evaporating rates with your rotary evaporator. This significantly shortens the process duration and minimizes environmental and laboratory air pollution.

Process requirements

  • medium to high vacuum requirements
  • fast and highly sensitive vacuum control with samples that tend to super heat or foam
  • vacuum control for short process times and high reproducibility
  • optimum condensation in the cooler of the rotary evaporator
  • recovery of residual solvent vapors after the pump

Pump requirements

  • excellent chemical and condensate compatibility
  • effective gas ballast system to prevent condensation in the pump
  • very good ultimate vacuum even with gas ballast operation for continuous evaporation
  • low ultimate vacuum required for low evaporation temperatures or high boiling solvents
  • emission condenser for solvent recovery to minimize the impact on environmental and laboratory air
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