Vacuum Systems for Laboratories

VACUU·LAN® Lab Vacuum Systems are the modern replacement for central vacuum in both renovation or new construction of laboratories. Compact, quiet, oril-free pumps in or near the lab can support mulitple vacuum users. The modular technoligy is scalable from a single bench to complete labs, and full-building installation or replacement of a central vacuum system.


A VACUU·LAN Lab Vacuum System produces vacuum  on-demand, resulting in energy savings and reduced maintenance. The benefits to scientists include deeper, more stable vacuum with less noise and the elimination of cross-contamination from user-to-user or lab-to-lab. 


There is a broad choice of vacuum pumping units, valves, turrets and accessories available and proven in daily laboratory use. Thanks to a very modular system and simple connections between the components planning is easy and bRANDTECH supports the design planning process. A few steps and some application parameters guide us to an optimal configuration of a productive vacuum system.


To design your ideal network:

  • determine the necessary vacuum level
  • define the workplace modules and their vacuum control options (manual / electronic)
  • for optimum network design remove applications with very high vapor volume or permanent high gas load from the network planning. Use separate pumps for these applications.

Once the basic network is designed consider the following details:

  • required pumping speed for the network, based on the needs of the several workstations
  • pump management or VARIO® technology for energy savings, convenience and extended service lifetime
  • emission condensation with or without liquid cooling medium, if so liquid cooling medium control and condensate level monitoring

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