NOTE: The companies listed below represent a partial list of the laboratory supply distributors of BrandTech® Scientific products. Not every BrandTech® product is included in the catalogs or on the websites of each of these distributors, but most can obtain BrandTech® products for you if you ask them for a specific catalog number. Should your favorite supplier not be listed, or if you are interested in determining if your local laboratory supply dealer carries BrandTech® products, contact BrandTech® Customer Service at 888-522-2726. If your company is a laboratory products distributor, and you would like to distribute BrandTech® Scientific products, please contact us directly to request a Dealer Application.


Andwin Scientific www.andwinsci.com 847-701-2848
Burrell Scientific www.burrellsci.com 800-637-4927
BVA Scientific www.bvascientific.com 800-257-6474
Capitol Scientific www.capitolscientific.com 800-580-1167
Cardinal Health www.cardinal.com 800-926-3161
Chemglass Life Sciences www.chemglass.com 800-843-1794
Cole-Parmer www.coleparmer.com 800-323-4340
Daigger Scientific, Inc. www.daigger.com 800-621-7193
Fisher Scientific www.fishersci.com 800-766-7000
Fox Scientific, Inc. www.foxscientific.com 800-369-5524
General Laboratory Supply www.gogenlab.com 800-777-7120
Genesee Scientific Corporation www.geneseesci.com 800-789-5550
Government Scientific Source www.govsci.com 800-248-8030
J&H Berge, Inc. www.labmart.com 800-684-1234
Kats Enterprises, LLC www.katsci.com 972-301-2237
Krackeler Scientific,Inc. www.krackeler.com 800-334-7725
KTEC www.ktecdirect.com 800-468-5832
M2 Scientific www.m2sci.com 616-379-9080
McMaster-Carr www.mcmaster.com 630-833-0300
MedSupply Partners, LLC www.medsupplypartners.com 877-633-7779
MegaDepot www.megadepot.com 800-970-3646
Midland Scientific, Inc. www.midlandsci.com 800-642-5263
Midwest Scientific www.midsci.com 800-227-9997
NCL of Wisconsin, Inc. www.nclabs.com 800-648-7836
Nelson-Jameson, Inc. www.nelsonjameson.com 800-826-8302
Niagara Scientific Products www.niagarasci.com 855-677-4522
Northwest Scientific, Inc. www.nwsci.com 800-628-4428
Nurnberg Scientific www.nurnberg.com 800-826-3470
Pacific Star Corporation www.pfstar.com 713-527-0889
Pipette Supplies, Inc. www.pipettesupplies.com 817-483-9883
Pipette.com/Accutek Lab www.pipette.com 800-243-3232
Pipettes.com www.pipettes.com 800-242-6022
Preiser Scientific, Inc. www.preiser.com 304-727-2902
Ramo Trading & Consulting, Inc. www.ramotrading.com 833-669-0944
Scientific Equipment Company www.seco.us 610-358-2855
Scientific Equipment of Houston www.seohcorp.com 936-825-6500
Sigma-Aldrich www.sigmaaldrich.com 800-521-8956
Spectrum Laboratory Products, Inc. www.spectrumchemical.com 800-772-8786
Sycamore Life Sciences www.sycamorelifesciences.com 713-357-9514
The Lab Depot, Inc. www.labdepotinc.com 800-733-2522
Thermal Scientific, Inc. www.thermalscientific.com 800-826-4486
Thomas Scientific Company www.thomassci.com 800-345-2100
Universal Medical, Inc. www.universalmedicalinc.com 800-423-2767
VWR International us.vwr.com 800-932-5000
Wilkens-Anderson Co. www.wacolab.com 800-847-2222
Weber Scientific www.weberscientific.com 800-328-8378
WorldWide Medical Products (dba Worldwide Life Sciences) www.wwmponline.com 866-889-9967


Cambridge Environmental Products, Inc. www.cambridgeenviro.com 519-473-1953
Canadawide Scientific www.canadawide.ca 800-267-2362
ESBE Scientific en.esbe.com 800-268-3477
Fisher Scientific Ltd www.fishersci.ca 800-234-7437
Prolab Scientific Ltd. www.prolabscientific.com 800-556-5226
Tekniscience Inc. www.tekniscience.com 450-477-5575
Ultident Scientific, Inc. www.ultident.com 800-463-4163
VWR Canada ca.vwr.com 800-932-5000


Analytiqs Inc (Canada) www.analytiqs.com 877-584-7474
Pipettes.com (Formerly TTE Laboratories, Inc.) www.pipettes.com 800-242-6022
Precision Scale & Balance (Formerly Bernat Inc.) www.scaleandbalance.com 800-634-3008