Product Promotions from BrandTech Scientific

BrandTech® Scientific runs special year round, quarterly, and monthly promotional offers. These offers are only valid to end users in the United States of America. Not valid for resellers. For more information, please contact BrandTech® Scientific Customer Service at 888-522-2726.

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2019 Promotions Summary
Big Savings on All BrandTech Items!
Expires 12/31/19!


Q4 Promotion
Liquid Handling Mix & Match – Buy 2, Get 1 FREE Transferpette S Single Channel, accu-jet pro, and HandyStep S!
Expires 12/31/19!

H2 Promotion
Buy 2, Get 1 FREE BRANDplates pureGrade Microplates!
Expires 12/31/19!

Pipettes & Tips

Buy 3 Transferpette S pipettes, get 1 OR a carousel stand FREE!
Buy 3 Transferpette® S single channel pipettes, get 1 additional single channel or a carousel stand FREE!

Buy 2 Transferpette multichannel pipettes, get 1 multichannel, OR a single channel starter set FREE!
Buy 2 Transferpette® multichannel pipettes, and CHOOSE a Transferpette® S single channel starter set, OR an additional multichannel pipette FREE!

Buy a Transferpette electronic, get 2 packs of tips FREE!
Buy any Transferpette® electronic single channel pipette, and 2 packs of pipette tips FREE!

Repeating Pipettes

Buy PD-Tips, get a HandyStep S FREE!
Buy $500 worth of PD-TipTM syringe tips, and get a HandyStep® S repeating pipette FREE!

Pipette Controllers

Buy 2 macro pipette controllers, get 2 macro’s or glass pipettes FREE!
Buy 2 macroTM pipette controllers, get 2 FREE, OR 2 packs of BLAUBRAND® pipettes FREE!

Buy 3 accu-jet pro pipette controllers, get 1 FREE!
Buy any 3 accu-jet® pro pipette controllers, get 1 FREE!


Buy 3, Get 1 FREE Dispensette!
Buy 3 Dispensette® bottletop dispensers, get 1 FREE!

Fluid Aspiration Systems

FREE VHCpro Hand Controller!
Buy a BVC control or professional model, get a second VHCpro hand crontroller FREE!

Life Science Plastics

Buy 3, get 1 FREE BRANDplates!
Buy 3 packs of BRANDplates® microplates, get 1 pack FREE!


Buy a VACUUBRAND vacuum pump, get $500 in FREE PRODUCT!
Buy a VACUUBRAND® vacuum pump or system, get $500* (list price) in BrandTech® products FREE! (*$250 with purchase of MZ1C; ME1, ME1C, and BVC models excluded.)

Other BrandTech® Products

Buy $500 in BrandTech products, get $100 in products and a T-Shirt FREE!
Buy $500 (invoice amount) worth of BrandTech® products, get $100 (list price) in BrandTech® products, plus a Lab Rat T-shirt FREE!

FREE Lab Rat T-shirt with $250 BrandTech purchase!
Buy $250 (invoice amount) of BrandTech® products, get a Lab Rat T-Shirt FREE!