A new look for BRANDTECH® Scientific

We are proud to present our new corporate identity with an updated look for BRANDTECH Scientific. The refreshed logo and positioning align with the global branding and conveys a cohesive story for BRANDTECH and its association with the Brand Group as the US and Canadian division representing BRAND, VACUUBRAND and VITLAB products.

For over 25 years BRANDTECH Scientific, Inc. has represented the BRAND® Group as the US and Canadian supplier of dependable, high-quality laboratory solutions with BRAND®, VACUUBRAND® and VITLAB® products. Our product lines include pipettes, automated pipetting robots, bottletop dispensers, burettes, pipette controllers, repeating pipettes, vacuum pumps, cuvettes, PCR plastics, microplates, glass and plastic labware and lab support jacks. The BRAND Group has over 1000 employees worldwide, with a collective motivation to make laboratory work simple, easy and efficient. BRANDTECH proudly shares the history and milestones of the parent company as part of its overall objectives. The new logo and brand positioning will be rolling out in December 2022 and will lead the redesign of our website in early 2023!


Amy Hurtado

Director Marketing Communications

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