BRAND Dispensette S Bottle-top Dispensers, the standard in dispensing for over 50 years.

In the fast-paced world of laboratory research, precision, accuracy, and safety are key elements of success. Every drop of reagent matters and every precaution against exposure to hazardous substances counts.

That is where bottle-top dispensers shine, optimizing the way liquids are handled in labs across diverse fields such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and environmental testing. 


Using Bottle-top Dispensers

At the heart of laboratory workflows, bottle-top dispensers are crucial tools for controlled aliquoting of liquids. Unlike traditional glassware like graduated cylinders and volumetric flasks, bottle-top dispensers operate on the principle of positive displacement. This means that the volume dispensed is precisely what is delivered to the receiving vessel, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and reproducibility.

One of the key advantages of BRAND® Dispensette® S bottle-top dispensers lies in their ability to consistently deliver precise volumes, eliminating the guesswork associated with manual pouring. In the floating piston design, the piston “floats” in the cylinder without being fixed to it. Each piston is matched with a cylinder such that a tiny gap, only a few micrometers wide, is formed. Because the piston and cylinder do not touch, friction is significantly decreased allowing for a smoother operation and more precise control of liquid being dispensed. This not only enhances the reproducibility of experiments but also minimizes the risk of human error. With Dispensette S bottle-top dispensers, researchers can streamline laboratory processes for optimal efficiency and accuracy.

In the laboratory, safety is non-negotiable. Bottle-top dispensers like the well-known BRAND Dispensette S prioritize safety with innovative features designed to mitigate risks. The inclusion of safety ball valves and reinforced discharge tubes prevents accidental exposure to hazardous chemicals, reducing the likelihood of spills and splashes. Moreover, the use of specialized accessories, such as flexible discharge tubes and microfilters, ensures aseptic handling of sensitive substances, safeguarding both researchers and assays alike.

Implementing bottle-top dispensers into laboratory workflows is a breeze. With compatibility across a wide range of reagent bottles and convenient thread adapters, researchers can seamlessly integrate these instruments into their daily routines. Furthermore, the ability to calibrate bottle-top dispensers to international standards guarantees accuracy and reliability, instilling confidence in experimental outcomes.


Choosing the Right Dispenser

When selecting a bottle-top dispenser, considerations such as the type of reagent and compatibility with laboratory protocols are crucial. Different instrument models cater to specific needs, with options available to suit various chemical compositions and applications. By investing in quality instruments like the BRAND Dispensette S dispensers, researchers ensure long-term reliability and performance in their lab.

In the dynamic world of laboratory research, every advancement counts. Dispensette S bottle-top dispensers stand as a testament to innovation, offering researchers a safer, more efficient means of handling liquids. From enhancing accuracy and reproducibility to prioritizing safety and ease of use, these instruments embody the cornerstone of modern laboratory practices.

Amy Hurtado

Director Marketing Communications

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