The Brand Group: Pioneering Environmental Responsibility.

Both BRAND® and VACUUBRAND® are at the forefront of a commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. The overarching objectives revolve around simplifying laboratory work, ensuring efficiency, and delivering innovative, high-quality products.

BRAND's dedication to ecological preservation begins in a comprehensive approach: reduce, reuse, and recycle. The company channels its efforts towards conserving resources during the production process. Products are meticulously designed for durability and maintenance-friendliness, bolstering reusability. Waste that cannot be eliminated is managed prudently, adhering to the principles of recycling.

A testament to their commitment to sustainability, BRAND has achieved an exceptional milestone in the form of its EcoVadis Silver sustainability ranking. BRAND’s dedication to environmental responsibility and ethical business practices has been recognized and quantified by EcoVadis, an independent rating agency specializing in evaluating corporate sustainability performance.

BRAND's ambitious aim is to reduce the carbon dioxide intensity of its operations in Wertheim Germany by an impressive 70% between 2020 and 2030. Additionally, a consistent 4% annual reduction in electric energy intensity is targeted over the same period, reflecting the brand's unwavering commitment to sustainable practices.

VACUUBRAND, a stalwart in environmental protection, has embraced eco-conscious practices for decades. Their efforts are geared towards minimizing waste and optimizing energy usage. The results are a conducive work environment for employees and a minimal ecological footprint. 

With an established environmental management system in alignment with ISO 14001, VACUUBRAND demonstrates its commitment to responsible practices. The company's innovations yield tangible benefits, not just for the laboratory operators but also for the environment. These advancements encompass reducing energy consumption, curtailing resource waste, and diminishing pollutant emissions. The synergy of efficient vacuum supply and controlled applications augments laboratory productivity while conserving resources and curbing costs.

VACUUBRAND's commitment is evident in the evolution of its product offering. Replacing outdated water jet pumps with eco-friendly diaphragm pumps prevents the wasteful and contaminating use of millions of tons of water annually. VACUUBRAND’s oil-free pumps reduce reliance on traditional rotary vane pumps that involve oil disposal challenges. The pumps, gauges, and controllers are designed without cadmium and mercury, further underlining its eco-responsible objectives.

BRANDTECH aligns with the values of BRAND and VACUUBRAND in harmonizing scientific progress with environmental preservation. By combining innovation, quality, and sustainability, the Brand Group strengthens its position as a steward of the environment while empowering laboratories with cutting-edge solutions.


Amy Hurtado

Director Marketing Communications

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