Food & Beverage

From lab-made meat to quality testing, the Food and Beverage industry provides fast-paced solutions to the world’s nourishment needs and consumption trends. To maintain the highest standards of what we put in our bodies, scientists and manufacturers need trusted tools and a vision. BRAND liquid handling tools support this mission throughout our 70 years in business.


Food and beverage research, production, and analysis require precise results to be within tolerance of industry standards and governing bodies such as the FDA and public health officials. The highest quality, German-made liquid handling products such as pipettes, bottle-top burettes, bottle top dispensers/trace analysis, pipette controllers, and class A volumetric glassware are available to support everything from wine and beer manufacturing to food safety testing. For example, during GMO research, purification and extraction of DNA can be accelerated through the use of automation. The LHS is a benchtop personal pipetting robot. All of these lab tools and consumables allow for accurate and reproducible results. BrandTech is happy to provide solutions for your workflow.

Meets class A error limits for glass burettes. Stands out for easy titration, a compact design, excellent precision, an exchangeable dosing unit, and an optional PC interface.
Fast precise aspiration with accurate meniscus settings. Integrated rest position and ergonomic hand grip.
Volumetric flasks, graduated cylinders or bulb pipettes for your work in the laboratory. BLAUBRAND glass volumetric flasks fulfill class A requirements
Whether you are dispensing solvents, acids, alkalis or saline solutions – the Dispensette S bottle-top dispenser makes it easy, safe and efficient
Make automatic and high-precision pipetting easy and efficient. Closes the gap between manual pipetting and large scale equipment.