Automated Pipetting

Liquid Handling Station (LHS) Pipetting Robot


The Liquid Handling Station (LHS) is your personal pipetting robot – an outstanding solution to automate common repetitive pipetting tasks without the complexity and cost of large-scale devices. The LHS makes the benefits of automation accessible to those working with smaller sample volumes in a wide range of pipetting applications covering everything from ELISA to cherry picking to serial dilution.

  • Intuitive – Simple method creation in minutes with the intuitive software – no programming needed!
  • Versatile – Seven configurable work positions accommodate individual vessels up to 384-well plates, covering nearly any pipetting need
  • Compact – with a footprint of 24” x 20” and 21” tall, the LHS fits right on your lab bench
  • Consistent – eliminates pipetting errors from monotonous, repetitive tasks, producing consistent results and saving you time

Applications and Automation of Routine Pipetting

The Liquid Handling Station (LHS) pipetting robot is your entry point into laboratory automation. With an excellent price/performance ratio and straightforward operation, the system is cost-effective for low and medium throughput labs. Typical applications include:

PCR and qPCR
Accurately pipette even the small volumes for reproducible results.
No more manual dilution series: Conveniently change and save fluid classes.
Enzyme Assays
Quickly and accurately pipette, mix and define incubation times.
Flexibility is the top priority: Quick positioning of individual wells.

Additional Applications

  • Preparation of 'assay ready' plates
  • Serial dilutions
  • Replication of microtiter plates (96/96 and 384/384)
  • Reformatting of plates (96/384 and 384/96)  Cell cultures
  • General liquid transfers in single vessels, strips, and plates in the ANSI/SLAS format
  • Sample preparation for following analysis

Is the LHS a fit for your lab application?

Our specialists can help in reviewing your applications, and determine how the LHS automation can improve throughput in your lab.


The Liquid Handling Station Software

The intuitive LHS software makes it easy to automate repetitive pipetting tasks.  You know your research; with the LHS software you don’t have to know how to code.  The graphical user interface (GUI) provides on-screen instructions to guide you through creating even the most complex methods. The GUI also allows you to simulate your method visually, confirm it has been configured properly, and see how long it will take to complete.  All you need to do to set up a new method:

  • Create a new method
  • Set up the work table
  • Define the commands
  • Simulate and execute

Easy User Interface

Set up your work table.
Build your method.
Simulate your method.
Have the LHS execute your method.

Software Functions

  • Professional user management
  • Predefined liquid properties (liquid types) that can be changed or added at any time
  • Disposable item (labware) database can be added to on a customer-specific basis
  • Testing of inconsistencies by the software
  • Automatic logging of procedures (customizable reports)
  • Context-sensitive help function
  • Data import/export
  • E-mail and sound notifications
  • Timeline
  • Simulation of the programmed methods

Expert Service from BRANDTECH

BRANDTECH’s highly-trained team works closely with our LHS customers to ensure their success.  Our team is responsive, and knowledgeable, with a focus on creating the best experience for your pipetting automation.


 - Before you buy - While you evaluate your automation options, our team will work with you to  develop an example method to demonstrate that the LHS addresses your specific needs.

 - Getting started - We’ll make sure you get going quickly, including onsite setup assistance, user training, and method validation.

 - Ongoing support - Our recommended preventative maintenance (PM) service keeps your LHS running in optimal condition and produces accurate, repeatable results.  Other a la carte services such as additional user training can be quoted on request.

Simple, Easy, and Efficient - BRAND Liquid Handling Station

While the robot processes your pipetting jobs, you have time for other tasks. The Liquid Handling Station works quietly and can be easily adjusted to handle all applicable work steps. Using the intuitive software, you can define your methods quickly, with no programming knowledge required. If the data is already available in a spread-sheet, creating methods is even easier with the import function. Particularly for small and midsized sample volumes, the robot, which operates on the proven air-interface principle, is a cost-effective introduction to laboratory automation.

A compact clean room in your lab - BRAND Liquid Handling Station Flow

Do your samples have to be protected against exposure to particles and micro organisms? Then the Liquid Handling Station flow is the right pipetting robot for you. The FlowBox directs filtered air in a horizontal, laminar air stream through the work area, which prevents contamination. Primary applications are those in which the liquids must be free of particles and micro organisms. The ambient air of the Liquid Handling Station flow is exchanged more than four times per minute. The exhaust air escapes through openings in the front door. This technology conforms with the requirements of ISO 14644-1 (Class 5) and GMP Annex 1 (Class A). The inner compartment is free of particles in less than 5 minutes.

Are you ready to learn more?

The BRANDTECH team of specialists can help determine if lab automation is a good fit for your application.

LHS Accessories

Various adapters, adapter racks, cooler racks and reservior racks for the LHS.
Liquid ends are available in single-channel sizes and 8-channel versions.
Suitable for various micro tube and plate sizes.